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    Top 5 athletes I dislike/like

    omg, that horse is character.
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    How to make GPU passthrough to VMware?

    Thank you. That is very useful one. I guess I need to install Linux somewhere.
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    Path of Exile (video game)

    That's nice of you.
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    How to make GPU passthrough to VMware?

    I know we have very IT savvy people in this forum so I brought this subject here. I have been using VMware workstation 12 on Windows 10 OS and there is no GPU passthrough to VM machines so it is so slow in VM and doing things take a long time. Some people may wonder why anyone use VM machine...
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    chromebook or tablet?

    Totally agree with you. I was thinking to buy one of tablets for school work, then decided to buy very light weight laptop. oh boy, that was an excellent decision. laptops are much more versatile and useful in every way than tablets. There are many inexpensive laptops available.
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    Path of Exile (video game)

    I am still new to the game and don't know much, but nerf is not good. It is so much complicated game than expected. how to make a regular skill gem to Vaal gem? Do I apply Vaal orb to the skill gem as I would to Chrom orb to change color?
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    Does anyone have old version of zoom installer?

    I have been doing a lot of video conference nowadays, and new zoom feature is not the better than old one. There is no old version in zoom website so it is hard to get older one. If you downloaded your zoom for home PC 1 or 3 years ago, that would be the best one for me. Please let me know if...
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    Lost my coffee mug!

    Your missing mug was found in UPS store in Las Vegas. Somebody shipped it to dgold
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    Lost my coffee mug!

    lol :love:
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    Interesting Images

    That is interesting indeed.
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    Do you smell today?

    smell Jasmin
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    What did you last eat?

    wow you are really good cook. This fish looks perfect with all the spices and cooked just right. I am shocked there was no likes. Where is everyone?
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    Sports you watch and don’t

    Watch: Grand slam tennis, Golf, NBA ( when Golden State Worriers doing well), Olympic games, PBA, Base ball (when local team is doing well) Don't: soccer, MMA, boxing, wrestling, Formula
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    What did you last eat?

    It looks amazing. That must be Italian seafood gumbo.
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    What did you last eat?

    No, I haven't had it and not sure what seafood paella is. A long time ago when I went to Las Vegas I tried Rio seafood buffet and it was decent. I heard there are some good seafood buffet in Canada. I hope I can visit Canada in near future. I have tendency to travel to South not North.