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    Potential torn rotator cuff

    The reality is that it depends on each person. I could hit ground strokes no problem 2 weeks after the injury. Someone else might need a lot longer. Listen to your body and take it easy.
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    Potential torn rotator cuff

    I couldn't hit overheads without pain immediately after completing the motion. Volleys I was fine with for the most part. You may not feel swelling, but I was very tender at certain spots. My PT recommended to roll a tennis ball against my back/shoulder until I found a tender spot and just hold...
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    Potential torn rotator cuff

    So I had a suspected partially torn labrum with incredibly similar symptoms to you. Threw a ball too hard, felt something give in my arm, followed by numbness and then pain and weakness. Couldn't lift my water bottle to my mouth to drink without my arm collapsing after a few seconds. I didn't...
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    Tennis Giant strings?

    Pros Pro make their strings in Germany, right? And also Volkl?
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Diadora Speed Blushield 4

    Is it weird that I haven't received mine yet? I am not quite sure what is going on....
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    Constantly breaking shoelaces... Any suggestions for ones that might last?

    Most likely because of sliding. I know because I do the same thing. Either tuck your laces away (in the shoe directly or within the laces) or use shorter laces. I forgot to tuck in my laces only 1 time and I slid, looked down and saw that I cut off part of my laces and they were lying on the...
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    Why do Wta players touch leg when receiving serve?

    People pick up on habits they see as well. Sometimes if a leg is stiff/cramping/sore, people will hit it to stimulate it. You are giving your body some extra stimuli to essentially take it's "mind" off it.
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    Trying full bed poly after poly/multi hybrid

    I do have a set of GOSM Super in 17G White I believe... I just don't want to eat through the crosses. That is why I am looking to try out full bed Cyclone.
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    Trying full bed poly after poly/multi hybrid

    Interesting. Static tension isn't really that important as far as I am aware though. Isn't dynamic tension the more accurate measure for how stiff the string bed "feels"? I feel like dropping 5lbs across the board is a pretty significant measure.
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    Trying full bed poly after poly/multi hybrid

    Hi all! I have been using a poly/multi hybrid for the past year or two, usually in the form of Luxilon Power ALU 16L Lime and Head Velocity 16G Black at 53lbs and 56lbs in a 2015 Blade 98 18x20. I love this combo because I can take bigger cuts at the ball while maintaining control, generate...
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    Shapo unleashes on the FO as “trash!”

    Lol you guys get so offended if anyone says anything that goes against your opinion. I swear the tournament organizers could have literally broken Shapo's leg in the middle of the court and y'all would be talking about how Shapo is spoiled and just complaining. He is mad about scheduling, ball...
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    Not being able to keep up with my teammates

    Bud, you show up in frame for 5 second intervals.... I have no idea what is going on
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    2015 Blade 18x20 String Recommendation

    Easy answer. Just look at my signature. Power ALU Mains and Head Velocity crosses. Just feels amazing. Kirschbaum Super Smash in the mains and Velocity crosses also work well. Full Velocity bed is good as well, I just needed something with a little bit more control.
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    What’s your string times?

    Yeah, I was looking at the stringing pattern online and it didn't seem nice to me. I took a look at a blade that was done by 2 different experienced stringers who I trust and respect, and they tied off at 9T and 7T so I followed suit. Maybe I'll try the Wilson recommended stringing pattern...
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    What’s your string times?

    Not going to lie, I have never tied off on 12T for my 18x20 Blade. I have always tied off on 9 for my mains and 7 for my crosses...