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    So does anyone play Minecraft?

    Maybe we could play together :)
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    Something to feel good about

    Something to feel good about
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    flat screen TV's on wall

    You can color a wire management cover as above.
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    How much is wholesale for real babolat APDC?

    When I worked at a tennis center, the invoice price for Babolat racquets was $100.00 shipped.
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    Prince EXO3 Graphite First Impressions

    Some background, I have taken a four to five month vacation from playing tennis, before that I played competitive tennis as a junior and for the IM team at a local university. I decided that I could find a better way to kill boredom, so I decided to try tennis again. I ordered up an EXO3...
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    One positive note for Fed fans in 08

    We'll try not to offer you any food Gorecki! I think its a fair concession, on a "poor year" I'd like to win a major event and have an Olympic gold medal as well.
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    Poor stringing habits witnessed & GS in Austin.

    As a stringer who used to work for a pro shop in Austin, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who actually gives a toss about your racquet.
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    Shopping Spree on TW

    This looks fun ... good for a daydreaming moment Nike Men's Team Supremacy Crew Price: 35.00 Nike Men's Basic Sport 9" Short Price: 35.00 Nike Men's Basic Feather Light Hat Price: 20.00 Nike Air Max Breathe Cage II Men Shoe Wh/Bk Price: 115.00 Nike Men's Dri-Fit Crew...
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    A multi is not worth $25

    If its not poly its not playable (:
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    Making Luxilon Work...

    I find most polys hit better under 54#
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    co-poly vs poly?

    Directly quoted from
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    damaging strings from clamps

    Many strings will ghost when strung, including multis and guts most predominantly ...
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    Attn: Pro Stringers

    I don't mean to rain on your parade, but I've strung in pro-shops, tournaments, all around ... Stringing isn't a huge cash cow, and you lose a lot of time and money on overheads. But to answer some of your questions, while I still worked as a stringer part time, I strung upwards of at least a...
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    Which player will win the Career Grand Slam?

    Phau? DeHeart? Troicki? Querrey? Fish? Nadal didn't even play a seeded player until he was in the semis. Hah!