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    Who was your first tennis 'hero' and why?

    Picked up tennis in the late 70's, and it was difficult to get past Borg at the time.
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    Stosur’s Physique: Then and Now

    I have always had major question marks over her physique. Not just that she is muscular - a number of female players are these days as a result of weight training and conditioning. But the shape / volume of her muscles, especially the deltoids and the traps. Reminds me of guys I see at the gym...
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    Peak Thiem or peak Almagro backhand?

    Almagro, quite clearly. I put him in the same bracket as Wawrinka's.
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    Ken Flach passed away

    That was tragic. Very sad circumstances, too. He was a great doubles player, and had one of the best mullets of the 80's.
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    Changing Grip Shape of Prince 93P

    Not sure that changing to another brand / racquet is the solution. Might solve for the grip shape, but create other adaptation issues with frame shape (round vs. long). But I do agree that every manufacturer should have the same pallet system as Head. Instead of investing large amounts of $ to...
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    New Phantom Pro (18x20) (320)

    That's actually a very good description, and exactly how I feel regarding these two frames.
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    Logic for 2nd racquet

    In one word: yes. Because one keeps on being distracted by the equipment / adjustment required to the new equipment, instead of using this time focusing on one's game. Ideally, one finds a racquet / string set up that suit one's game and ability, buy a couple of those, and then forget about...
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    Eugenie Bouchard maintains worst collapse in tennis history (yes)

    If narcissism won tennis games, I reckon she'd have bagged a Grand Slam in any of the past 4 seasons. Enough said.
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    Thiem is one of the most well-rounded players on tour

    Echoing what others have said: - he already has a great game, and a lot of potential to develop further - I very much like how he is using his inside out forehand more to apply pressure. As good as his backhand is, this shot is less effective an offensive weapon than the forehand to apply...
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    What I've learned since I've stopped switching racquets and strings

    I love to try new racquets, and have literally fallen for the Prince Phantom line. Played most of last year with the 93P 18x20, which is awesome but can be a challenging frame. Transitioned to a PP100P earlier this year, which is as solid but easier to play. I am very tempted by the 93P 14x18...
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    How many French Opens would Ralph have won had the tour not slowed down the surfaces?

    Same here. I'd love to know what "expert" ever claimed that.
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    I was feeling pretty bad having bought too many racquets in the past year, with 3 93P's 18x20 and 2 PP100P, but seeing this I might get that 93P 14x18 after all...
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    The match that hurts you but you can never stop watching again and again

    Stefan Edberg's defeat to Michael Chang in the 1989 French Open final. He should never have lost that game.
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    The Future of Roland Garros

    Apparently the 5W lightbulb that serves as your brain still hasn't lit up, has it?
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    How good was Agassi's FH?

    Agassi's forehand was a very good shot, probably in the top 10 in the Open era. It was a spectacular shot in his younger years, almost flat and extremely fast. After his ill advised changed of racquet from Prince to Donnay, he was struggling for consistency and started to impart more spin to...