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    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    I am not prepared to pay the costs of restringing every 4 hours. That's barely 2 weeks of play for me. Getting back to Hyper G will put it back to 8 hours, which is 3-4 weeks. I can live with that.
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    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    Because the 14x18 93P works better for my game than the 18x20 does. I find it markedly easier to play, between the string pattern, slightly lower static weight and slightly higher RA. Now, truth be told, I'd probably have been happier with a 16x18 or 16x19 pattern in the 93P. It would have been...
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    No excuses

    Sure. When he wins against Fed, he's the best of all times. When he loses, he's injured. Whatever.
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    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    I can tell you which string set-up is NOT great for the 93P 14x18: Yonex Poly Tour Spin 16L at 48 lbs. Lasted me 4 hours before exploding. Now, the very open string pattern doesn't help, but I was getting 7-8 hours of Hyper G 16L in this frame. And 12 hours of Hyper G 17 in the 93P 18x20. I...
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    No excuses

    This thread has aged extremely well. Under which rock is the OP hiding now?
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    Ladies singles final

    Too right. A player so visibly unfit has no business winning grand slams. She did well in reaching the final, but I am not sure what it says about the current level of play in women's tennis that she did.
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    Djokovic approached the net more often than Federer today (24% vs 14%)

    Better defensive game = better passing shots. That's why he didn't come in as often as Djokovic did against RBA.
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    Djokovic approached the net more often than Federer today (24% vs 14%)

    Are you seriously comparing RBA's defensive game to Nadal's?
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    Poly recommendations for longer playability duration?

    You could try going for the 16L Hyper G, and probably drop the tension to 54 lbs. Tension maintenance is better on thicker gauges, but you would have to offset the extra stiffness by reducing the tension, to maintain playability.
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    Is racket size difference vastly overhyped here ?

    Racquets in general are massively overhyped here.
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    Who do you think has a bigger chance to beat Djokovic in the potential final, Fed or Nad?

    I don't understand why a majority of people would put Nadal in front, seeing how he got eviscerated by Djokovic at the AO 2019.
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    What Would It Say For Federer If He Loses?

    It would say that the other guy was better on the day. Any other question?
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    Could Nadal and Djokovic win Wimbledon on a traditional fast, slick grass ?

    If Connors and Borg were able to win on fast grass, then Djokovic and Nadal would too.
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    The Lendl forehand – would it still hold up today?

    In my opinion, the grip does not make that much of a difference. What does make a difference, at least in my view, is that Sampras' takeback is more compact and less loopy than Lendl's even if they both use the same tachnique of pulling the elbow back. That saves him time, especially when having...