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    Does Nadal NEED at least 1 ...

    No, he doesn't need it, especially if he can win more slams and spend more time as n°1. But if he does I will be very impressed and proud of him. It is the last significant event that eluded him and if he can previal there so late in his career, it will be a new testament of his character (not...
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    Medo 6 finals are insanely OVERRATED

    Murray only won 3 slams but he made 8 finals and another 10 semi-finals, which is pretty impressive.
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    Who is the Most Overrated Multi Slam Winner? (No ATG Players)

    I do agree that Hewitt was lucky but it must also be recognized that he post edan impressive 7-6 6-1 6-1 win over Sampras in an USO final. Sampras was on his way down but so far none of the younger players have posted a 3 sets victory over any of the big 3, who are on the way down too. Hewitt...
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    Who is the Most Overrated Multi Slam Winner? (No ATG Players)

    :unsure: Kafelnikov won 0 Master 1000.
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    Who is the Most Overrated Multi Slam Winner? (No ATG Players)

    In addition to his 3 slam titles, he has one runner-up and five SF appearances. Only 16 total titles, but it is still more than Rafter or Bruguera for exemple, or even Safin. Safin is rated higher than Wawrinka but achieved less. I agree he had huge potential but since he did nothing with this...
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    Federer fans - what was harder to take - Wimbledon final 2008, 2014 or 2019?

    The 2008 loss by far. It was a turning point with his rivalry with Nadal, after the RG disaster. At that time I still thought he was favorite on grass, so it was upseting. Same with AO 2009. The 2019 loss is nothing for me. I didn't expect any better from him against Djokovic. I'm happy he made...
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    The greatest decade in tennis open era history?

    I voted for the 80's. I didn't see any of it but from what I can gather it was the best decade by far. From what I saw, I would say in hindsight that the 2000's were overall not the best decade, at all, although being a Federer fan I enjoyed it a lot. Also all of my favorite second tier players...
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    Crazy Stat: Federer won his first 7 Slam finals

    Funny, it is the contrary for me. Seeing that Nadal did decline (as seen in his H2H against Djokovic and Federer) YET his decline changed hardly anything in his domination of the rest of the tour tells me that it was probably the same for Federer. He declined enough to be clearly inferior to...
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    Federer fans what does Nadal need to do for him to pass Federer in terms of greatness in your eyes?

    Fed will remain my favorite player but if Nadal pass his slam count I will say he is a greater player than him.
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    A collection of the best matches not involving the Big 3.

    Wawrinka-Murray RG 2015. Very intelligent play from Murray to disrupt Wawrinka with variety. Gonzales-Soderling RG 2009, if you like forehands. Baghdatis-Nalbandian AO 2006. I don't remember the details but i was hooked on Baghdatis.
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    GOAT Talk: Good or bad for tennis fans (Please read through)

    I had very interesting discussion here when I joined, but most interesting posters have either left the board (I did for a while, and in any case post a lot less than before), fled to the old pro section where hardly anything new happens by definition, or became so bitter after years of trollish...
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    GOAT Talk: Good or bad for tennis fans (Please read through)

    There is different kind of GOAT discussion. Some increase my interest, some decrease it, a lot. The first kind is thoughful and respectful discussion on the achievements of differents players, how we can weight their achievements in different context, etc. I like these because it leads to think...
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    G.O.A.T Need No Apply

    Davydenko Gonzalez Wawrinka Ferrer
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    The greater US Open player

    Possibly. Possibly Nadal was better in 2013 than 2010 too. For sure if Djokovic was better in 2010, it was an outlier performance in a poor year (by his standards). If he was worse in 2013, it was an outlier performance in a great year.
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    Is it worse to get blown out or lose in a gut wrenching nail bitter?

    Kyrgios is very much of your opinion. "As long as I didn't try, I didn't fail." Very comforting. Nadal, Djokovic, Federer or Wawrinka are clearly on the other side. They have learned to give their best and, be beaten at their best, and come back at their best.