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    the old 360 vs ps3

    I've got both and if a game is on both, I always get it on the 360 because live is great and the 360 controller feels so much better to me especially for first person shooters like call of duty. The PS3's controller has the joy sticks in uncomfortable places, the triggers are really weird, and...
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    Rate these strokes

    Harder? He's crushing the ball.
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    racket repairs!

    The hansen tacker is about $50. The cheap way is just hammering an awl but if you think you'll need it often than the tacker is worth it. Make sure the staple goes through the graphite under the foam pallet because the staples can rip through the foam pretty easily. I wouldn't play with it if...
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    racket repairs!

    If your staple gun isn't strong enough to penetrate the graphite under the foam (the Hansen tacker IS strong enough), you can hammer the staple or even an awl through the graphite using the holes in the foam as guides.
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    Nadal and Roddick

    Roddick is an overachiever IMO and I don't think he should be made fun of for it. He's nowhere near as talented as nadal but still had great results because he put in a lot of work.
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    Great! No more "Djokovich is the next #1" threads...

    I think he can be. I think he has the right game and mind to be a champion. Federer used to choke.
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    Racquets with little vibration

    I agree with the pro tour ft. Some racquets start to feel more buzzy overtime.
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    Poly strings are the root cause of most arm issues

    Goober, you took what Tennis_99 said way out of context. He was just trying to disprove the original post that polys are the root cause of arm problems and he's right. Bad form is the root. He didn't say that polys have no effect on the chances of injury. Obviously, stiffer strings or...
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    Poly strings are the root cause of most arm issues

    Where I'm at, there's more nylon users with arm or shoulder problems than poly users. That's because the people that use poly's tend to be the one's that know how to play well. On these boards, beginners and intermediates read about polys and use them. Of course bad technique plus poly will...
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    Gripsy...Where are you?

    Try the babolat vs overgrips. They're real nice but make sure to get the white one.
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    Ugh, missing Prince Polygut - Monogut is not durable!

    Monogut was the string I could swing out most with but of course there's been a lot of strings that came out since I settled on polygut. I guess the only other reason is that it's only 4 dollars. I still have 8 sets of polygut left but when I run out, I'll probably use monoflex.
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    Ugh, missing Prince Polygut - Monogut is not durable!

    Try monoflex or polyspin. Monogut breaks quick but you could seriously swing out with it. Thats the point of having the stiffness and tension loss.
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    Who creates the most massive Topspins?

    Nadal but Federer's ball curves in a weirder way.
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    Fischer pro tour ft>

    Hey Javier Sergio, I posted in a different thread that I liked it so much, I bought the last few that were being sold at that store.
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    I saw that coming.