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    Vienna R1: (5) Hurkacz vs. (WC) Murray

    Beat Tiafoe Beat Hurcacz Well done Murray
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    Vienna R1: (5) Hurkacz vs. (WC) Murray

    Well it will be a good test to see If several months of consistent match play and training is seeing an improvement. He played Tiafoe and lost, a couple of months of tournaments later he played him again and won so there was improvement. Let's see If he has improved enough for Hurcacz yet, he...
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    Vienna R1: (5) Hurkacz vs. (WC) Murray

    Not again............
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    Put Sir Andrew Barron Murray in the 2003-2009 era instead of Federer, how does he do?

    He would win far more than he has done and far less than Federer actually did do.
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    Week of 18 October ATP250s at Moscow & Antwerp

    How is he over playing If he isn't going deep in tournaments? He is only playing 2 matches a week.
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    Andy Murray: Moving forward at Indian Wells

    The most important improvement over any improved shot/tactic is that he can now apparently play more than 1 tournament without needing the next 3.5 months off to recover from some new injury in the hip region. He has been playing tournaments consistently since the grass season and is actually...
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    2021 Indian Wells R3: Alexander Zverev [3] vs Andy Murray [WC]

    Pretty sure peak Murray would win this whole event given whose missing.
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    2021 Indian Wells R3: Alexander Zverev [3] vs Andy Murray [WC]

    The amount of times I see it when he has an opponent pinned back in a cross court backhand exchange and the down the line shot is wide open and begging and he doesn't hit it is too high! I would love to see Murray hit down the line more on BOTH sides. I think after not too long he would get...
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    What type of fan does tennis need now?

    I suppose the type that pay to watch on the screen and at the courts and pay to play themselves. Money
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    Why is there a 17 Slam difference between Djokovic and Murray?

    I suppose the major reasons are Djokovic has A better forehand A far greater 2nd serve Better mental strength/consistency Less prone to having a drop in form on his own serve. Murray had major back injury when he was hitting the top of the game in 2013 and major hip injury when he was finally...
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    2021 ATP METZ - Moselle Open

    Very difficult match for Murray next then.
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    2021 ATP METZ - Moselle Open

    At this point Murray is leading in every statistic except the score, curious.
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    2021 ATP METZ - Moselle Open

    Ahh Murray, you can take the world number 3 to 5 sets at the US Open.