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    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    The Express' durability stinks
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    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    Loved the originals Court FFs - I refuse to pay that price for a shoe with no guarantee
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    Similar racquets to Pure Drive but not as stiff?

    Yonex Ezone 98 is less stiff than the 100 with a lot of the same characteristics IMO
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    Fila Axilus 2.5 the same as 2.0?

    They felt like rocks when I tried them. Although the width and toe box did fit fine. Just too hard for me
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    which tennis shoes have the most cushioning?

    Very cushioned - agree
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    Diadora Speed Blushield 5 AG

    Ore the Fly 3s on Court for the first time this morning. 2 hours singles and 1 hour of doubles. Incredibly comfortable out of the box - no break in. Will have to see how the stability and durability are. Perhaps even better than the Speed 5s. The toe box does appear narrower but did not...
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    Diadora Speed Blushield 5 AG

    Fly 3s are definitely snugger than the 5s. Other than slihjt pinch on outside of big toe they feel plush and nice. Will have to try on Court and hope they break in
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    Tongues are getting thinner! (Shoes)

    Not on Diadoras - very thick plush tongues
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    Hypercourt Express 2 - AWFUL uppers durability

    Same but soles lasted 3 weeks
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    Diadora Speed Blushield 5 AG

    I emailed them every week or so.
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    Diadora Speed Blushield 5 AG

    Was informed they are honoring the warranty but are out of stock on the Speed 5s (even though stores here have in stock) - they gave me the option of getting Fly 3s or Speed Competition 6s - I opted the Fly 3s and am looking forward to getting them and seeing if they work
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    Lightweight shoe

    Mizuno Wave 4 is pretty good and quite light
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    Do You Have a Singles Racket & a Dubs Racket?

    I play with one stick and do not change. In my experience, the people who do this often end up overthinking matters and come close to obsessing which frame they should use on a particular day etc., how they are feeling, the pace of the opponent's ball, whether they fell sluggish on serve etc...
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    Ezone 98 string setup

    I used to string at 52, moved to 51 and now have settled at 50