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    6.0 players using stock frames, no mods?

    Only moronic TT users who are average 3.5 level need SW2 weighting, but can't keep 3 shots in the court!! I know plenty of ex-D1 (5.5 level) guys who play with bone stock frames. 99.9% of them don't care about specs, they simply work to better their play. It's a simple concept.
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    Prestige ..what’s next?

    Prestige line will stop at Graphene 360, at least that's what I heard through the grapevine.
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    HEAD LE: Speed X (Blacked out SPEED MP)

    Anyone seen one? A USPTA guy I know had a brochure on it.
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    Prince butt cap Whopping $3!!!
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    Just got my new Blades!!

    The new Blades will have cosmetics similar to the Clash, with green instead of the orange.
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    Please identify this blacked out racket!

    I've seen that style of spec sticker before and looks like it's from Dunlop. The bumperguard would tell a bit more about the frame as well as the buttcap.
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    Head i.Prestige MP

    "PT57E" is the frame code for that specific frame design / mold design. That's all it is.
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    Wilson decal up vs wilson decal down

    Wilson's QC is HORRIBLE! Their products are crap. I got a Wilson stencil for my stencil collection. I spent good amount of money for it. It was suppose to look like the above. Well, guess what.......... it kept giving me a "M" on my racquet. I called Wilson customer service and...
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    Wilson Ultra 100, make grip smaller?

    Sell yours on the Classified section and pick up a used (or new) one in the correct grip size. I think that's the best solution.
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    Donnay Pro One Gt's- They're Back! Xenecore

    678 787-1606 If you do a google search, OMG!!!!!!!! The M E N A C E to tennis pops up. Is this for real?
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    How long is 90 seconds

    according to the wife........not long enough!!
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    Help me find my elusive platform racquet

    When will the madness ever end?
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    Rise of the wristband

    Outstanding!! I am now on a hunt for these rare pro=stock wristbands. I NEED my wristweight beyond 11. 11 just will not do! I can't practice 8 days a week like you... bummer. :(
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    I would be an expert on this subject!! Her MoRonI/C number went to 11. As you can see, there is no correlation between a person's height, weight, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. to an "optimal" racket spec. I don't know where you get your information, but there is no way Henin swung a...