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    Technifibre TF40 315 16x19 vs tfight 315 xtc

    Wilson blade Head old radicals
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    Is there a new Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro coming out?

    Sinner did hit spiny balls, though the trajectory is not high. He played with 60lbs. Got some decent control from high tension I think.
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    HEAD Boom Official Thread

    Is Boom series straight beam or tapered beam?
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    Any opinions on the Graphene XT Speed MP?

    Good all around racquet. Low SW, could be customized to user's specs easily
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    Yonex Question

    Vcore 95 is good, but hard to be the No.2. I guess that ezone 98 is the best selling one, follow by vcp 97 310, vcore 98 or ezone 100
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    Which Yonex is closest to G360+ Speed MP?

    Vcore 98 I think. Vcp lack power, ezone has lower launch angle
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    One racquet to rule them all?

    My little precious...;)
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    Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP or Solinco Whiteout 305?

    Have no idea of Solinco. Speed MP 360+ is great all around unless you go full flat
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    Recommend Rackets please!

    360+ Speed MP. Customise it to the balance of your Clash. Could use some lead at 12 if you need a higher sweet spot. Sadly feedback cannot be changed. Clash 98 is pretty good overall
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    Wilson Clash

    Definitely. 3 n 9 +counter balance. For me, 12 gonna overpower the normal Clash a little bit.
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    Wilson Clash

    Weight and balance. Nothing else
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    Technifibre TFight RS305 User?

    My experience is with XTC 305. Black code @54. Perfect setup for me
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    Best 98 frames for aggressive baseliners

    It is kind of a forgiving PS97 to me. Really good racquet
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    HEAD Extreme 360+ tour club?

    The concept could be generated from making a comfortable and faster pure strike. Less plow and power, but more user friendly
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    Clash 100, feels thin and tinny compared to DR98?

    Perhaps it is due to lack of plow and SW. Some lead may help. Try 3g at 12 or 2g at 3&9 each. Should work better