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    Coach Patrick Mouratoglou

    Coach Patrick Mouratoglou has been an inspiration to Serena Williams since 2012. Serena has won 8 majors in less than 4 years and may win USO this year. His former students include Grigor Dimitrov, Marcos Baghdatis, Laura Robson and etc. Does anyone know his tennis background? Was he a former...
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    If Novak wins USO15, I will_______

    move to Serbia and practice my tennis game inside a swimming pool.
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    After Federer, who had the most beautiful game?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I am bias to classic tennis form. Hitting close stance on both sides, one handed back hand, volley and all court game. No doubt, Federer from 2004 to 2006 was the best. His elegance, speed, precision and fluid style of play was a marvel to watch. There...
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    If Blake had beat Agassi...

    This is one of the matches which left me wondering what it could have done to Blake's career. He played awesome during the first 2 sets but could not sustained the high quality of play. It almost felt like he let Agassi win out of respect when they shook hands. If Blake had won and was able to...
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    What happened to Rafter in 1997?

    Rafter won one small tournament prior to 1997. He was considered a journeyman player in the big leagues. In 1997, he reached the semis of FO and won the USO. Chang was the favorite in the USO semis but lost to him in straight sets. What happened to his game? I think his ground strokes improved...
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    Would you take up a job as a pro hitting partner?

    $50K USD is not a lot of dough now a these days. I saw Djoker's current hitting partner (Dusan Vemic) played at a futures tournament in Florida a few year back. I am pretty sure he is getting more than that.
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    Would you take up a job as a pro hitting partner?

    This is just a hypothesis. I am not saying that Michael Joyce was a collegiate player or an engineer. I knew he was a journeyman player ranked in the top 100 at one time.
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    Would you take up a job as a pro hitting partner?

    I am sure alot more. Maria is raking in big bucks with all the endorsements.:)
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    Would you take up a job as a pro hitting partner?

    All expenses are paid. $50K is beer money.:)
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    Would you take up a job as a pro hitting partner?

    Let's say you have a full time job making $100K/year as an engineer. You were a pretty good collegiate player and not settled down yet. Would you take up a job as a pro hitting partner and travel around the world for half the salary? A good example is Michael Joyce, Maria's ex hitting partner...
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    Does Lendl hit balls with Murray?

    I don't get it with all the sarcasm. Murray won and we should be happy for him after watching him struggled. Lendl hasn't played tennis in a long time due to his bad back. He cannot keep up with Murray during the rallies. But I am sure Lendl can hit a few balls to evaluate Murray's strokes...
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    Spooky coincidences

    That woman does resemble Kim Sears a bit, especially the forehead.
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    Ivan Lendl Appreciation Thread

    Congrats to Ivan and his pupil!
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    How will England reward Murray for this Historical win ?

    Reward Muzza with a night on the town with the Spice Girls.:)
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    Coach Lendl did with Andy what Coach Connors couldnt do with Andy

    Murray's game has gotten more aggressive with the forehand but he is still an opportunistic aggressor unlike Blake who is a fulltime aggressor. His mental toughness has improved ever since Lendl took over at the AO 2012. The semifinals against Djoker was an improvement even though he lost. He...