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    Federer News

    Just saw the news today :cry: It looks like Fed will finish with 20 GS. What a bummer this news was
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    Djokovic's dad refers to Thiem as "some Austrian..."

    Djokovic's dad sounds like a bitter old man. Djokovic too on court with his lack of being unloved despite his success. He does get his cheers from the Aussie crowd but they root for the underdog. Federer's case is an outlier. There was a time the USO crowd rooted for anyone but Federer because...
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    ‘Roger Federer is the greatest of his era,’ says Rod Laver

    These days I would rather read the quote to end quote of greats to have played the sport than these extra rubbish in these "articles". Say for example here that Rod considers Roger as the greatest of this era. How come his opinion became a snub to Rafa and Novak. This is tabloid material right...
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    Djokovic News

    I was watching youtube for tennis and this showed up. Watch the entire video from start to finish. I didn't know Nole has Buddha nature :giggle: He was talking about Torus field. I didn't know that was the whole thing about the celebration after the win. He sincerely believes in it I'm...
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    Who will you be following when Djoko, Fed and Nadal retire?

    Nobody is in this level and I have slim hopes of them getting to this level. I've been following tennis from the 90s. It was Becker and Edberg, followed by Sampras, Agassi and Courier, then by Federer, then Nadal and Djokovic. If you look at these players, they won a slam in their 20s or late...
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    Novak should embrace the role of the villain

    He should play Commodus role from the movie Gladiator
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    Should Nadal have been disqualified?

    Maybe 20000 is a big number for a guy ranked 120. The amount should be percentage. Lets say 20000 is 1% of the lower ranked player. The top ranked player should also pay 1% of his earnings. That will keep the higher ranked players from doing this. But in all essence, this will not be implemented...
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    Novak should embrace the role of the villain

    I hated Fed back in 05 and was rooting for anyone to beat him. Roddick was my fav back then. I also stopped watching tennis for a while when it got boring that he kept on winning until Rafa appeared. In the 2007 USO final, he was called Darth Federer with his all black outfit. USO crowd was...
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    Should Nadal have been disqualified?

    lol I'm sure you're joking but in many latin influenced cultures, it is considered ok and a display of affection. In most Anglo countries, it is suspicious of child abuse with many such abuses reported and this behavior may indicate so.
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    Should Nadal have been disqualified?

    I don't think either of the two should be DQd. They should however be given either a code violation, warning and/or fine. Federer too for his expletives. I believe he got a code violation if I'm not wrong. Big 3 shouldn't arm twist tennis to get more and more advantages. Djokovic touching the...
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    Novak should embrace the role of the villain

    Novak should assume the heel role a la Hollywood Rock in WWE. One of the most entertaining heels of all time. When news came out that the Rock would leave WWE and try acting instead, the crowd booed him when he was a face against Brock Lesnar. They cheered for Brock even though he was a heel...
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    Solutions to the spreading epidemic of Medical Time Outs and Incontinence

    There are other alternatives. Remove the word medical from timeouts and introduce NBA style timeouts. I don't like it but if Novak felt the pressure was too much after the 3rd set, its only fair that Thiem can also take a timeout after Nole broke Thiem's serve in the 5th set to regain momentum...
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    Djokovic is #1 again - 35 weeks to go to Federer

    The fans are people and the big 3 made some bucks out of their pockets. I hope Nole doesn't think like you. Perhaps he does going by his retirement at USO I would say anyone who is not a Nole fan rooted for Thiem. Nobody hates nole
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    Djokovic is #1 again - 35 weeks to go to Federer

    Djokovic will never be no.1 in people's hearts. I predicted that the crowd would support Thiem more in this match and I was proved right. And this one was in Nole's pet slam. A new competitor was cheered more than the champion. This message is for the trolls not for Nole fans. Fedemperor will...
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    Who is the favorite for RG this year?

    Rafa is still a huge favorite for RG this year and the next few years until he retires. Thiem and Djoko are next. Don't count out Stanimal