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    EURO 2016

    EURO 2016 is only a few months away. For the first time there will be 24 teams, which i think is a great number, though many disagree. Their argument is that you get more tight group matches with 16, but I think is better to have those matches in the knockout stage which most likely will happen...
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    Ferrer/Berdych/Tsonga probaby will not win a grand slam, Cilic or Nishikori will

    Nishikori has winning head to heads against all of them. Just sayin'.
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    oscar borras serve videos

    Thanks for translation. My espanol is bueno but I couldn't catch the details. I know the Nadal video for some time and I agree, it is a must watch.
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    peter gojowczyk forehand

    This guy is basically Malisse. Haircut included.
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    Which current WTA forehand matches the ATP pattern best?

    Quite a few have this ATP forehand. Kuznetsova, Hercog, Safarova, Rybarikova, Stosur, McHale, Erakovic, Schiavone, Flipkens, Shvedova, Na Li, Larsson and probably others.
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    Tsonga a serious contender for the USO

    I don't remember a GS where Tsonga had better chances. A few top 10 players? More like the first 3 contenders for US Open according to bookies. Plus Dimitrov which is in the 4-6 group with Wawrinka and Tsonga himself. Like I said, he never had a better chance before. And this also applies...
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    American style of tennis

    Courier? Wasn't he very good in rallies? Most of current North Americans are not or better said they prefer first strike tennis. Most of the current North Americans (might as well throw in the Australians too) have that big serve and big forehand. But if we look closer, beside the serve...
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    Why is Isner so bad outside U.S.?

    The average North American tennis player has a big serve, big forehand, average to bad everything else and plays considerably better on North American soil. With this undeniable trend going on it's expected that we will find these characteristics at extreme levels in some cases.
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    RAONIC arm band. What does it do ?

    But dampeners do have a practical purpose, which is making your shots sound better. At least that's why I use them. Without it sounds like I hit with a fry pan or like I'm framing every shot (I probably do).
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    If Dimitrov is BabyFed, then who is BabyNadal?

    Klizan. Paire is almost nothing like Djokovic. There's probably about 20 players that are more Djokovic-like than him. I agree that Nishikori is similar to Djokovic.
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    return placement in the middle and deep why?!!

    The real main reason is not opening the angles though.
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    Multi vs Polyester questions.

    Good to know. Then I have to try a multi that plays like a multi. I guess Wilson Sensation, Head Rip Control, Babolat Excell are standard multis right? They seem to be good strings judging by reviews.
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    RIP control

    Never played it but it sounds good. Does it sound too high? If that's the case try some vibration dampeners to get a better, lower pitched sound. That's the only reason I'm using one. I don't like that high pitched, almost metallic sound.
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    Multi vs Polyester questions.

    Thing is I feel no pain with this poly, felt good from the start. I'm trying them to see for myself how rough are these polys after all. I said from the beginning that if I feel any pain I'll cut them away. Will be careful though. There are many stories like yours linking injuries and poly...
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    Multi vs Polyester questions.

    Oh you say 4 months of therapy already, ouch. lol I really need to to get to 50 posts. GOAT debates are dull though.