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    Venus Williams wants equality in show court assignments. Takes a dig at AELTC culture.

    Oh boy, a famous millionaire Black women talking about inequality. Yup Venus, the White man is holding you down. BTW, what were your court assignments back when your game was a bit more relevant? Please don't forget that Pete frigging Sampras was relegated to Court No. 2, which is basically a...
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    Cocky/Arrogant Tennis Players

    Just focusing on the most talked about players... Most arrogant: Fed Dumbest: Nadal Best resemblance of a farm animal while yelling: Murray Hottest wife: The Djoker Most fun to have a beer with: The Djoker (gluten free beer, of course)
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    Could Federer have beaten Nadal at French Open this year?

    Without the roids, I'm thinking I would have have a good shot a Nadal.
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    In which language does Federer communicate with Stan?

    From a good source.... Pig Latin is the language of choice.
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    Gotta give credit for Nole, but

    The better tennis player won. That's pretty much where the conversation begins and ends.
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    LMAO Nadal 100% time violations

    Forget to read the title of the post? Or is reading not your thing either? :)
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    LMAO Nadal 100% time violations

    Struggling to understand the difference between 67% and 100%? Curious, how well did you do in school lol. Also, it's tough to serve when scratch-and-sniff is still toweling and running though his scratch-and-sniff routine.
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    LMAO Nadal 100% time violations

    When Nadal started playing, he didn't have his moronic pre-serve routine; he just served the ball without all the bung-hole play and transferring the juice from his sweaty backside to all over his face. He has become beyond ridiculous.
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    If Serena wins 20th slam, would Steffi come back on tour to defend her legacy?

    I think Steffi would have an honest shot at Serena. That is, providing Serena plays left handed.
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    Fedfans, what would you prefer?

    Lets see... favorite or least favorite? That's a good question. Yup, I'll go with my favorite - Novak all the way!
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    OPEN ERA: Who has radically transformed the tennis ?

    All excellent points; I agree with all. However, I don't think popularity and capturing hearts is, by itself, an indicator of "game changing". Yup, Lendl was a stud and showed, really for the first time, how strength and power certainly has a place in tennis. Sampras redefining the...
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    Should we worry about Raonic's foot injury?

    Worry? No. I tent to focus - and worry - about somewhat more important things in life. But that's just me :)
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    OPEN ERA: Who has radically transformed the tennis ?

    I'd be inclined to put Nadal at the top of the list. I've been watching/playing tennis for a really long time and I don't think anybody has changed the way the game is played as much as Nadal. He raised the bar for physical play beyond anyone I can think of, he brought a new level of basically...
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    Nadal is going back to the old racket.

    A better idea would be for him to go back to NOT doing the annoying scratch and sniff routine. His pre-serve routine has become overwhelmingly ridiculous.