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    Tiafoe updated forehand stroke?

    Remember Novak and his serve fix several years back? 100% doable.
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    Alexander Zverev's Second Serve

    the only positive thing I'll say here is, despite how bad this appears, he might fix that serve one of these days, it's definitely doable. I remember Novak had a serve that was a massive liability several years back, and he has turned it around into a weapon. Needs to get a good team and have...
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    Hope Roger Federer plays Rome

    Lovely, he just confirmed on twitter himself. Hope he goes deep and gets some points collected
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    Do you really watch tennis ?

    I try not to miss a Federer match (even during work hours, TennisTV is a blessing). Other than him I try to watch whenever I have time and not doing anything else, but generally life's busy, so it's very Fed oriented, and then big player matchup/latter rounds of big tournaments type of tennis...
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    Will Fed get to Connors 1,256 match wins?

    Hopefully he breaks it, to fully complete his career to the highest degree. 110 titles with a career firmly established in contemporary ATP tour format is insane (especially when broken down by categories of titles). Looking at some of Connor's titles and seeing what type events they were I can...
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    Is Navratilova Underrated? Why?

    Underrated definitely compared to Graf and Serena (Margaret Court is the most overrated). I mean her and Evert splitting slams like that, and still being in the vicinity near the top is just sick. It's like Fed with Nadal during the same time frame, can you imagine how many more slams the other...
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    Miami 2019 SF: Roger Federer vs Denis Shapovalov

    Rooting for the GOAT, but if Shapo wins I ain't complaining
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    Federer is my favourite for YE #1

    I just don't think he's chasing the ranking anymore, in fact I know he isn't. At his age he can look godlike one day and not great the next. No way can a 37/38 year old end up number 1 at the end of the year. He'll play clay, but selectively likely (Madrid and French only?). I just don't see it.
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    The finest ever Wimbledon match

    2007 final was incredible. 2008 final is in my opinion the best and most dramatic level. 2009 was also really gripping. Back to back to back great finals and some of the best ones I have seen.
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    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    why the delay? 6:30, now 6:35 eastern time.
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    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    Happy for Thiem and would love to see positive hard court progression from him the rest of his career, but I'm a selfish ****, I want the GOAT to win
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    Most overrated player in the Open Era

    Marcelo Rios is the one that stands out considering he was a #1 player
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    Nadal's right knee is increasingly fragile

    he needs to add the 100mph Kenny Rosewall slice to his repertoire
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    Lets settle it once and for all...What is Ken Rosewall's place amongst all-time greats?

    I think I would agree with your top 7 at this point in this order too. Kenny 7th...I think Borg 8th
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    2019 Indian Wells SF - [7] Dominic Thiem vs. [13] Milos Raonic

    I like Thiem, I hope he prevails. A final with two one handed backhands is a joy to watch