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    The best Yonex VCore Tour version

    Which of these versions is your guys opinion the most different (playing wise) compared to the others in this line?
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    The best Yonex VCore Tour version

    Dear Forum Members, The VCore tour line from Yonex with the 97 sq inch head size has been around for some years now. Trew the years significant changes for better or for worse have been made to the VCore Tour line. I was wondering what is, according to the general opinion, the best version of...
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    the new extreme

    Always wondering about that with the extremes. You get a great bat for the buck.
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    Alternatives to Lead Tape

    I just use normal tape, can get about 4 grams under the bumpers normally. Would like to know if there is something slightly denser, which is not lead or tungsten.
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    Head Velocity

    With the Natural version you get the best Multi for the price imo!
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    Barricade Boost vs Ubersonic 3

    To Add: Ubersonic 3 has a great fit aswell! It's wider at the forefoot so my forefoot is not jammed all the time like with the Vapor X.
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    Barricade Boost vs Ubersonic 3

    First Impressions on the Ubersonic 3; Best shoe I ever used! Super stable, and still extremely light, it's like flying on the court. Previously used the Vapor 10, 9,5 and the Ubersonic 1. It feels far better in every category then the Vapors.
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    Auger-Aliassime racquet specs

    Not the Tour version?
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    New Tecnifibre 315 T-FIGHT DC S3

    @Irvin I play the DC 305 now, weighted it up to 325 grams, 305 SW (unstrung), and balance is somewhat around 312 mm, it's absolute tank with a still very good maneuverability for its weight and sw. Still wondering what the DC 315 can bring me with it's 16/19 pattern and higher maneuverability...
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    Men's Uber Sonic 3 ugly?

    Well, I did love the Adidas Roland Garros Collection, pretty nice design!
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    New brand called Dahcor!

    Looks like old Head molds
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    Men's Uber Sonic 3 ugly?

    Yeah, also heard this one was a best-seller!
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    Men's Uber Sonic 3 ugly?

    Asked TW about it, waiting for an answer. The only thing Adidas releases nowdays are compilations of the most ugly colors. Practically every item they make contains pink, purple, yellow or 80's green.
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    Release of new Ubersonic 3 colorway's

    Hello TW, When do new colors of the Ubersonic 3 release? Is there anything coming? Would be great to hear when we can expect them! Best regards, Frans
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    You mean that the 315 and 320 DC are foam filled?