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    Thiem is becoming a consistent force at 3 Slams

    Very unfair to compare everyone to Fedalovic. These are 3 GOATs and we may not see similar stats by anyone in next 20 years. And with better conditioning and work on physical fitness, the average career span is increasing for players. Today's 27 is nowhere close to 15 years' back 27.
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    Tell me we are not watching crap tennis

    Yo..Hoping that Jacinda is treating you well. :D I din't expect you to last for this long. Did you get the enlightenment and pledged allegiance to the Son of God or still lost in the darkness of mallorcan dungeon? :P
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    Tell me we are not watching crap tennis

    You have lasted for a long time here. :D
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    Tell me we are not watching crap tennis

    That's why I wrote 'grueling rallies'..It was not some Raonic/Federer/Karlovic/Isner hitting aces or with 1-2 punches. Despite tlong rallies, the W/UE is positive (even excluding the aces for both). Lets face it if Federer won it today like that, same people would be writing about high quality...
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    Tell me we are not watching crap tennis

    I It was a great match. Why everything has to be about Djokovic? Even OP's thread is pure agenda. He could just write 'OMG! No Tsitisipas to save from Djokovic' than writing 'crap tennis being played'. In the end, for a match with grueling rallies Tsitispas: W/UE: 59/42 Coric: W/UE: 53/50...
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    Tsitsipas looks a champion elect

    This didn't age well.. Hopefully this post of mine won't age well. Scars will be there for Tsitsipas but he is mentally strong and would come back stronger.
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    Tell me we are not watching crap tennis

    Tsistsi should learn from Rogie on how to close matches..oh wait... Salty thread..!!!! Dont know if you watched it or not, It was a very high quality match except for last 0.5 sets. Had everything..including the rally of the tournament when Coric returned a smash and what followed.
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    Did Djokovic use a medical break to get back in the match AGAIN?

    He forgot it from 2012-2019 but then learnt it again from our believed Fed in AO 2017 final on how breaks can be used to break the momentum of the opponent. He wants to be better at everything than Rogie.
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    Is Nadal the only man with a realistic chance of stopping Djokovic from breaking the weeks at #1 record?

    Let me think who you are. You are a nobody. Your book means nothing to record books. Accordingly, I can also say, in my book, the dominance of Federer means nothing during 2004-08 as his main competitor was a clay courter still learning to play on other surfaces. Rest were not even close to...
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    Your expectations and wishes for the rest of 2020?

    RG - Thiem (if not him then Djokovic) W - Novak Olympics - Novak Gold USO - Nishikori at least reaches the final Delpo, Janowicz, Raonic, Murray and Klizan are fit for rest of the 2020 Thiem reaches 2 more GS finals and win one of them. Schwartzman scores a Big 3 win.
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    12 hours.... who do you WANT to win the Final?

    He has saved it 5 times. On all the four surfaces: Clay, Indoor HC, Outdoor HC and Grass.
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    What happened to Nadal's passing shots?

    I remember 'going to the net and inviting Rafa for passes' meant death 90% of the times. Since 2015, there has been a sharp decline in his passing shots. In fact, apart from improvement in Federer's backhand, this is one of the primary reasons Federer has been able to turn around the rivalry...
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    Why Aussies support Serbia?

    While most of them were serbians but saw some Indians/Pakistani/Bangladeshi with Serbian tshirt/flag too.
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    So for everyone who's been hating on ATP Cup...

    WOW..Spain somehow survived and now breaks.
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    It is written in the stars

    USO 2010, MP loss USO 2011, MP loss Wimbledon 2018, MP loss Wimbledon 2019, MP loss.. Actually Wimbledon 2019 loss was written in the stars.