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    Poly Mains 16G and Synthetic 15L

    It's probably going to be really, really durable. :)
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    Caption This! Djokovic Edition

    Why is Maria Sharapova always with that actress? I seem to see pictures of them together a lot...
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    Am I still stringing Luxilon too tight?

    Could just be fatigue from not playing for 8 monthes. :) I've used full BBO for years @ 55 without any pain...
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    Specialized textured cross

    Its an interesting idea. Consider though, that string would be worthless as mains. It would have to be packaged specifically for crosses, and add to it the extra effort to string it for debatable's not going to sell.
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    Your favourite sportsmen/women outside of tennis

    Shaun Alexander!
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    Dream Surfaces!

    Ugh. It's so fast. The ball skids so far that its hard to gauge the bounce. You get set up to hit the ball, but it bounces a lot closer and a lot faster towards you than you anticipated. I think clay sounds really fun. Indoor clay would be my favorite.
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    2008 US Open Pics

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Going to buy a stringing machine but what string do i buy?

    If you're buying your Klippermate from the company, it will come with a string package that you can practice stringing with. I strung a teammate's racquet with the Power-Burst string, and she liked it. To begin with, I'd get a few sets of cheap string- synthetic guts or multifilaments. Keep...
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    I caught a Black Widow Spider

    I just smashed a spider with a picture frame before finding this thread.
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    Loose outside strings?

    Nope. You should be fine. If you think its too mushy, string it a few pounds tighter next time.
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    How to keep track of racquet jobs

    No matter how you decide to do it, get something in the customer's writing. Desired tension, pre-existing racquet damage/wear (I always examine a racquet with the owner before I take it. I point out major paint chips, scuffs, etc.), desired strings, price, etc. Hard copies are good. Then you can...
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    Imagine Talk tennis members as comic book characters

    YULitle would tie people up with various guages of string using easy-to-follow patterns and creative knots.
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    Gasquet's stringjob

    Luxilon at 66? Ouch...
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    okay to do tournaments with un-broken-in tecnifibre?

    You'll be fine. You'll 'break it in' with a few good whacks, like Bud said. Good luck in your matches!
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    Opening a Pattern

    Would it be possible to string a racquet with a more open pattern than it's designed to be? For example, could I skip some mains and/or crosses to turn my 18x20 into, say, a 16x18? Or would that destroy the frame?