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    Luxilon Adrenalin Rough

    Hallo Alle, Ich bin bisher eher ein stiller Mitleser gewesen. Nun bin ich aber auf der Suche nach einer meiner Lieblingssaite, die ich leider schon längere Zeit nicht mehr gespielt habe. Weiß einer von euch, wann/ob die Luxilon Adrenalins Rough wieder verfügbar/lieferbar sein wird? Ich...
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    Best Overgrip!!!

    I really like the Tecnifibre Pro Contact. I am using it for a periode of time now and I'm still very impressed... Before that I used to play the Wilson Pro Overgrip which is great as well, but in my opinion, the Tecnifibre Overgrip is slightly ahead...
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    How long does a pro use a racket?

    Or Gonzalez? :D
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    E.Gulbis´current Racket?

    I never said, that you might be wrong, I just repeated what the commentator said before the match started. In each case, that's a lot of tension by using AluPower
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    E.Gulbis´current Racket?

    The commentator of german Eurosport said that Gulbis would play 30/29kg and Novak with 28/27kg.