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    How to make Pure Strike a bit more arm friendly, and reduce its impact on the elbow

    One way is to reduce its balance towards more head-light by adding few grams of weight to its handle. For example, in my case with the 3rd gen PS Tour, I moved the balance 4 mm to 316 mm and it was enough to eliminate elbow soreness even though I use full bed poly.
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    Do not prestretching Poly is a mistake.

    How did you arrive to the conclusion that not prestretching is a mistake? I must have missed some in that blog write up. I personally agree with his 3 recommendations, they are known practices, nothing earth shattering, but I did not see anything on pre-stretching, which I won’t do with a poly.
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    Tennis Warehouse: Babolat Jet Tere Playtest

    Tennis experience/background: NTRP 4.0C. I have been playing for about 5 years. Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley): Over-aggressive baseliner. I mostly play doubles, but enjoy playing singles more. Current shoe: Babolat SFX3 How many hours did you play with the shoe? As...
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    Without Tennis, So Much Free Time . . .

    I am ashamed to say that after 30 years in the county, I am just discovering some of amazing sites, lakes and trails thanks to cycling. Without a doubt, I have wasted much time in front of a computer haha.
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    Without Tennis, So Much Free Time . . .

    I picked up cycling too nowadays, trying to ride every day as weather permits. Picking up a bike has been a challenge to say the least, more complicated than picking up a racket frankly. The last time I rode a bike was in high school, apparently I had forgotten how much fun it is. Also, to my...
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    Mid-atlantic singles challenge

    Regardless of score, I also a lot of fun, thank you @dsp9753 . There are so many things that can be said... I wish I had the nervous version of dsp yesterday, it might have given me a slightly better chance for a better score. I wasn't nervous at all, and had a game plan before the match, but...
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    Help me get to USTA 5.0? Started as a 3.0.

    What may have been the issue is outdoors play. I think we are so used to playing indoors, in MoCo especially, the outdoors take some getting used to. That specific day there was a bit of breeze as well, which was almost constantly changing direction. Looking at the vids, you guys were missing...
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    Mid-atlantic singles challenge

    Yes; well, I assume so :p
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    Mid-atlantic singles challenge

    I am in for sure. We might setup a ladder maybe (y) :)
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    Clubs closing thread.

    The park we were at yesterday, which I think has 15 courts, was packed with mostly doubles plays, so ~60 players and their friends and people for several other activities. I suspect there were at least 100-120 people in the park. It felt so good to be on court frankly under bright skies and open...
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    Clubs closing thread.

    One of the major issues with that OMB guidance is that majority of agencies, at least civilian ones, are not equipped to handle telework for more than 35-40% of their employees. Now they are scrambling to increase their capacity, but that effort will only yield a small incremental increase...
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    Women vs Men Video Recording

    I only had one chance to record an MXD match, and the 4.0 lady I played with was so happy to see the recording, shared with her family and still talks about it :)
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    Babolat Pure Aero Team 2019 Arm Pain - Any advice?

    If you experienced arm, elbow soreness after just such short period of time, it is very likely that the balance of the racquet is too head-heavy for you. Aero Team is 4 pts HL strung (or ~330 mm balance), and by adding more weight to 9 and 3 you made it even more head heavy. if you test a...
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    Give Me Liberty (from inconsistent Sudden Death rules)!

    Tell that to one of my players who lost two 2-hr timed matches while being ahead by one point in MTB, all four of his matches went to MTB haha.
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    Has it been measured how much tension the RPM blast loses?

    I am sure you can search the database yourself.