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    2019 Australian Open QF - [1] Novak Djokovic vs [8] Kei Nishikori

    i really miss ferrer. they got would fight for his life. kei just rolls over the minute his tummy hurts.
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    Hardest Hitting in Practice Video?

    sorry but this takes the cake for me
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    Better Career so far? Berdych vs. Tsonga

    Hard to say. Berdych maxed out his potential. while i feel like tsonga still had potential to do more. especially if he ever fixed his backhand.
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    You couldn't make it up. Romeo Beckham's road to dominating tennis.

    could have spent that $30grand and helped out some underprivileged youths in the uk for tennis lessons. smh
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    Most hated players on tour (by fellow players)

    i met her twice at saddlebrook. when she trained with pat etcheberry. She is actually very shy. wouldnt say mean. would speak back when you said hello to her. her husband back then was more talkative.
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    Final take on the Serena Williams case

    can't stand this whole youtube culture where guys like in the OP basically make videos saying the same thing majority of ppl have said already
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    most players in the top 50 get some kind of pay whether it be win based or just a bonus for signing with them. Unless the player themselves tell you or the company releases it. its not public knowledge. I mean you can't expect these guys to make a living just off prize money.
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    Please retire Roger....

    dont be surprise if fed wins USO
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    Anyone else really pumped for this one.

    think fed will win and novak will get revenge at USO
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    Eat your Crow TTW

    kudos to novak. i thought he was dead
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    2018 Wimbledon Final: Kevin Anderson (8) vs Novak Djokovic (12)

    ouch i wasnt expecting anderson to be this bad