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  • A lot of people here use gut/poly... it's pretty common here. Poly in the crosses is fine if you're not really a string breaker. I've used syn/poly and multi/poly before as cheap subsitutes for gut/poly. You can get some pretty sweet playability from them just not as long durability. There are a couple threads about syngut / poly that are like dozens of pages long haha!
    What's with the MAJORITY of players putting Poly in the Crosses?!? So far almost 70% voted "Reverse Hybrid" and I highly doubt they use Nat Gut!!! I think this might be messed up... :shock:
    Here are ***MY*** reasons I THINK 2 point mounting systems might be OK:

    * on 2 point mounting systems the braces clamping down the racquet at the top and throat are around 5" wide which wrap to the sides a tiny bit.

    * 6 point mounting systems DO NOT have braces clamping down the racquet at the top and throat hence the importance of side mounts for support.

    * racquet heads being oval PLUS the 5" width mentioned above both act in conjunction to provide SOME support to the sides on 2 point mounting systems albeit it's much higher & lower on the racquet as opposed to directly ON the sides as per 6 point mounting systems.

    * the Mains already being strung provide tension to the racquet to additionally give some support to the sides when stringing on 2 point mounting systems.

    I hope all of this is correct! LOL :) THANKS AGAIN!!!
    Hey @ Fuji, can I get your comments/opinion on something? I string my own racquet maybe around once per month.

    *I* like my NEW $200+ racquets and they are discontinued so I want to preserve them as long as possible.

    *I* also like my $175 Gamma Progression 200 - i.e it is sufficient for my needs and I enjoy using it.

    If I upgrade to a 602 FC for $500 which gives me: 1) a 6 point mounting system, AND 2) fixed clamps, do you think that gives me A WHOLE LOT MORE, and justifies worth spending the extra $325?

    Or, should I just stay content and remain satisfied with the status quo?

    Hi there, could you let me know please how long you leave Power Cord or Snake Bite on your racquet? Thanks!
    Hey Fuji,
    For the blacked out racquets, the contact is Jeff Lander at Tennis Central
    in Markham, Ontario. He does work for some of the players when they come for the Rogers Cup. He really does top quality work. Best wishes
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