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    "deadest" Solinco poly

    Revolution 16g is pretty dead, almost un-useable to the average player. Have a reel just sitting around
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    Toroline Wasabi

    Just got my strings in the mail, funny how they decide to go for longer bags instead of the typical square packaging. They also come in half sets for easier stringing (Thanks toroline on behalf of all stringers!)
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Yonex REXIS & SPEED

    Yonex multis, hmmm, wonder if they are trying to cut into that market as well. Some fun colored multis could be fun and marketable. Poly Rev is a nice bright orange, hopefully their multis are same as well
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    Toroline Wasabi

    They have a promo for 9 bucks for all 3 colors/versions of wasabi. Plus, it had free shipping. Even then, 3 bucks isn't bad for a poly so I ordered some to check it out.
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    Hyper G Full Bed vs Hybrid?

    If you like the control and mutedness of hyper g, full bed. If you want to soften it up and play livelier, hybrid is the way to go. Hyper G is pretty much muted anyways, so don't thing a syn gut is gonna make it all of a sudden super powerful, but the hybrid will liven it up a bit
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    Same string , different colour .... do they play the same ?

    Generally polys play slightly different due to the dyes. The general rules of thumb are Black: muted, control oriented Blue: crisp Red: powerful Green/yellow: a combination of power and control Silver: lively Not to say there aren't such things as powerful black polys or muted red polys, but...
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    APD 2013 vs. APD GT

    I have played with all models of the aero, and can comment that the gt was the most stable feeling of the line. The 2013 was the most user friendly, and honestly probably the best aero they’ve ever made in terms of feel and power. So if you want stability/slightly toned down, gt is the way to...
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    What does TW offer in extra racquet services?

    Hello TW, is there anywhere on the website where it lists what extra services you offer? For example, racquet customization/matching, etc I was thinking about getting the new rafa aero (starburst color) but saw somewhere in the YouTube comments where troy mentioned for an added fee they can...
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    Approximately how soon before new release does current version go on sale....

    Probably about a couple weeks after the new model comes in because they want to get rid of the older ones. My question is, they have both the v7 and v6 blades out right now. So will the v6 drop significantly? I remember the old days of racquets being 199 when released, and the previous gen...
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    Pure Aero/Drive Users - Who DOESN'T use poly?

    When I first bought my stringer, all i used was forten nylon to practice stringing. It is a very VERY cheap nylon, but a very neutral and not powerful string. Helped tone down the power of the aero at the time
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    Is this racquet cracked?

    It seems to be the paint perhaps cracking, but not the racquet. I have that same aero model and seems to be a trend, perhaps a factory error in paint application. Overall, nothing to worry about
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    Rackets have gone up in price

    Tennis equipment has always been expensive, and people wonder why it is considered an “elite” sport. Shoes are in the 150 range, and new racquets in the 250 range? I think 200 per new racquet was the standard, but now companies take advantage and make a “pro” line and bump up the most popular...
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    Yonex Poly Pro Tour - 3 colors

    I feel like just in general the color dye has the same properties in all polys. Black polys are generally more muted, blues are comfortably firm, yellow is lively, and red has a softness element to it
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    Comfortable alternative to Solinco Revolution

    From personal experience, I can tell you that Weiss Cannon ultra cable js a good comparable alternative. Revolution is good, but I have a love hate relationship with it. Another pick of mine to replace it is hexonic
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    Do tighter stringing patterns really generate less spin?

    16x19 will get more grip on the ball and thus the strings have a chance to spin it more, as opposed to 18x20. If you were to get a robot and have them hit the exact same stroke at the same speed, 16x19 would get more spin. There was a video on youtube testing that theory, but can’t find it