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    Agassi's career slam in light of Rogers failures at the French

    do you... play... tennis...??? your responses have been if's, but's, and probably's, even if they aren't explicitely stated. slice serves don't "speed up" after the bounce.. and if YOU watched the first half of the clip you'd notice they were on the same exact flight path.. The yellow and blue...
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    where do people play near Los Angeles?

    and i'll be zomgwtf fastswinger. or so AC says. I don't habeeb it, and i dont think anyone else will either.
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    So What Exactly is Wrong TECHNICALLY w/ Federer's FH?

    And after his serve is gone, we'll make up shots to blame.
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    Are you guys ULTRA-SENSITIVE about your racquet?

    and here I thought you meant sensitive in terms of feeling slight differences between rackets.
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    where do people play near Los Angeles?

    superhuman sense will suffice.
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    where do people play near Los Angeles?

    packed every weekday, no lights on the weekends so no one goes.
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    It does feel like a toy

    gogo k90 then? its a little more.
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    very frustrating plateau

    take a few days off, until you feel like you're about to burst from not playing tennis. then go and play. your body needs time to absor b the practice you've done.
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    Can Roger Digivolve?

    KABUTERIMON!!??!?!?! No thanks.
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    where do people play near Los Angeles?

    Like I said, CVHS! Free courts that no one uses on weekends~
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    What if *insert brand name* made tennis racquets..

    its basically a kfactor?
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    are people obsessed with physiques?

    Since when have people based Safin's genius on his physique? 2 slams "or whatever"? And Monfils can absolutely crush the ball, hitting over 100mph fh at the French a year or so ago.
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    Los Videos de My Servo (Need to not break my body)

    Geeze, and I thought something simple like switching to platform would fix this.
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    Gaining Confidence in my Game and keeping a good state-of-mind

    Probably more along the lines of that he didn't allow you to get pumped, rather than you couldn't.
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    Hope for asian tennis

    yeah.. and nadal DIDN'T beat Nishikori in straight sets. Not even close? Why was he the only man besides Federer himself to get a set off of Nadal on grass? Get off your high horse, even Nadal gave props to the lad.