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  • Hi,

    You seem to be a reference on this forum concerning Volkl frames.

    I'm currently playing with an Organix 10 mid in stock form which I like. I'm thinking about moving to a more forgiving frame that still has great comfort, feel and stability. I was looking at theses models and wandered what you were thinking of them :
    - Super G 10 325
    - V1 Pro
    - C10 Pro

    I like the Volkl feel and don't want to start demoing a whole lot of racquets even if some other models seem interesting (Yonex Vcore Tour F 93, Wilson Prostaff 97, Prince Textreme Tour 95, Pure Control Tour, Yonex Ezone AI98, etc.).

    Let me know what you think if you have time.

    Hi ! I was following your post about machines. What machine did you end up buying? Thanks Howard
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