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    What can you learn from watching 14 year old UTR12 ?

    Yeah, tons of time on the court leads to that. When I am at net, sometimes it feels like I am watching a video through my eyes when I volley, I have no idea what thoughts I have, I just see volleys happening. It all happens too fast, checking the hips of my opponent, the racket angle when they...
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    What can you learn from watching 14 year old UTR12 ?

    That ball at 8 seconds, whaaaaat, that was in!
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    How many points to focus

    This book.... Should be required reading for any tennis player, maybe any sports player. It's partly credited for creating the idea of sports psychology and...
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    What could the USTA do to increase participation...

    Both sides have good points, there will always be those that take it very seriously and those that aren't sure why. USTA participation doesn't increase though with those that are hard core about nationals, but without that core, the participation would be really sad. It's a common problem many...
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    Net Clearance

    I experience some of the same benefits, but I'm only 6'4". I like the high topspin shot because I can slice off both sides, one handed backhand. I also like kick serves if they aren't of the highest level (recently I played a mid 20s player who played for Texas Tech, his kick serve was very...
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    Best Racquets For Tennis Elbow...

    All dem Yonex'es, their tech actually does work. But, technique and/or full beds of poly strings or playing with dead poly (who here restrings poly after 6 hours, I doubt many) are equally to blame for most elbow issues.
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    Worst Tennis Etiquette EVER

    Perhaps worse: Mixed doubles match, not important to win really, so that's why it's not worse than your ladder match and definitely not worse than Mr. Cool vs. Mr. Lefty fiasco (although I am glad that worked itself out in strange way). So, playing an away match and I think I'm the best player...
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    What could the USTA do to increase participation...

    RIch retired folks will take a few lessons in anything, especially certain wealthy women, they will take lessons from attractive guys and vice versa.
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    447 swingweight seems high are there common errors?

    Can you guys tell us more about your playing backgrounds and professions, I'm genuinely curious. I would think you are very unique even compared to some professional tennis players with the amount of analysis you are capable of and the knowledge. Are you coaches, in the racket industry, or...
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    What could the USTA do to increase participation...

    USTA does "really matter", I treasure my USTA towel, water bottle, tote bag prizes for winning, heehee.
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    Pure Strike Tour 3rd Gen - similar rackets but more control

    yonex hd vcore pro
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    Seriously considering Yonex

    Played with full Babolot natural gut tonight in the Vcore HD, so nice, so luxurious, definitely worth a try. I've used hyper G full bed before, I think I like the natural just as much and the feel is just fun.
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    Martina Navratilova .vs. USTA adult male. ?

    Maybe, there seems to be 3 UTR events scheduled within 150 miles of Virginia this entire year so far. There's about 15 tournaments in Dallas, just in February, during winter and with school in session, same with San Diego. But, yeah, maybe not. Although UTR doesn't move up and down very...
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    Volley tip: lock the wrist

    The music is amazing...
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    Notes during a match

    Sometimes I write a little note to my opponent on a post it note, it usually reads... "I really like your outfit"