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  • Hello g4, you have a lot of experience with there 99S.... Give you some "knowns " for me (usta 4.0) to help you advise: right now I LOVE plain ole Prince Duraflex 16g white at 63 lbs(Star 5) but the string movement is of course crazy. Tried some polys (playability drops of too quickly for me). Any suggestions ? Mahalo !
    I was reviewing the thread "Racquet Length Customization - Part 2" and it looked like you were successful in doing the extension. Can you send me pictures on how you did that?
    I posted a Alpha Ghost stringing machine last night in the Equipment for sale section if your interested. With photos and contact info.
    I am the person with the Alpha Ghost. I think they deleted it because I typed mint condition. I would say it is in almost mint and not like new now. Will post in for sale section ASAP soon.
    I have asked that my PM be turned on so I can reply. Meanwhile, if you get this (I am not sure how to work this thing yet!) send me your email.
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