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    Guy Forget and Lacoste

    Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the Pro's Equipment forum but I figured you guys are probably a better place to start. Does anyone know what Lacoste Frame Forget is using in this clip? I thought it was only the Equijets that had that 'tuning' knob in the buttcap - but this one seems...
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    Tell me about your racquet collections!

    That's fantastic mate - very lucky finds! I remember the Type C and then the Redondo making a lot of noise on the board when they first came out. The Laver C didn't seem to have had a very long run though - it felt like it got replaced/removed quite quickly. I have an original Silver Ace too -...
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    Tell me about your racquet collections!

    Nice. How did you manage to pick up the HiTen? That's a rare bird - especially the 30. I'd love to hear more about the PK Laver C too. What does it play like and how did you find that one? There was a small sports store in an Singapore shopping mall and I swear, from 1996 through to 2015, they...
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    Did really Connors and Mac hate each other?

    McEnroe has stated that in his playing days things were considerably better between himself and Lendl than they were between him and Connors. IIRC it was someone asking him about the time his car broke down and Lendl gave him a ride. In Connor's book he also states that he respected Lendl a...
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    Yonex RDX 500 Mid (90) - what year did this come out?

    I had a great time with this frame and Isospeed Classic Professional at 53lbs. Didn't really enjoy it all that much with a poly, but I'm not much of a poly user so take that for what it's worth.
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    Decline of Prince?

    Who? The Tennis Spin guy?
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    Tell me about your racquet collections!

    How's it going for you so far? What's in your bag/on your wall/scattered about your house?
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    Why did Mac and Graf leave the 200g behind?

    I have a Max200G and more F200's than I can count. While they were both soft frames, I really think the Kneissl White Star Pro is the early composite model that really plays like a woodie. The thick throat and tapered head - it's basically the same characteristics as a wood frame - just with...
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    Squash - inherently conflicting?

    I love squash - great game. Hell of a cardio workout too.
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    Fashion aficionados of TT, help me choose my next hoodie please!

    @Tennease - just checked out your link mate. Thank you. Not sure if you're aware that pretty much everything on this website is available from AliExpress at significantly less cost? Just a heads up for you in case you shop there regularly.
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    Fashion aficionados of TT, help me choose my next hoodie please!

    Thanks so far guys - you've given me a good start!
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    Fashion aficionados of TT, help me choose my next hoodie please!

    My favourite hoodie has just been declared dead. I need a new one. First decision - zipper or no zipper? I have two others with zippers. I'm often in and out of them so I find them practical and probably more versatile but I don't really know. Just wondering if I should try something different...
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    Guillermo Vilas racquet History

    True - I'm having an extremely hard time imaging this.
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    Can you tell me more about this kneissl ?

    I read somewhere on the boards here that Muster's actual frame was a custom layup considerably stiffer than the regular PT630. I have no idea how the person who wrote that came by that info though and it's the only time I've heard this. For those in the know, there was a company called...