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    ESPN voters choose Nadal as most dominant athlete (individual or team) of the 21st century

    what a fraudulent list. nadal has lost multiple times at the FO. how about Mayweather at boxing? 50-0 never tasting defeat? that seems like a safer bet to me.
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    Who's the third best player right now?

    i still think federer > thiem
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    Is this Wertheim stat about the best player in clay finals true?

    like i've said before on this forum, give guga modern equipment and he would beat nadal in a RG final.
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    Marin Cilic - "US Open without fans would DEVALUE title."

    diasgree because this is the new reality. no its not ideal, but its the situation that everybody has to deal with. are you going to cry about it or adapt?
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    Nadal vs Djokovic - All 55 H2H Match Points (HD)

    they sure do play at rome alot. djokovic will substantially increase his H2H lead over the next few years.
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    Tsitsipas - "My favorite tournament is the Laver Cup"

    good for you sissypants. btw federer's favorite tournament is wimbledon.
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    Søderling says Federer won’t win another slam and Djokodal will surpass him.

    i agree. federer's last legit chance at a slam was last year's wimbledon. i don't see him getting past djokovic who's seemingly always in his way.
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    "Nadal can play for 3 to 4 more years"

    and novak will play 7-8 more years, leaving nadal in the dust on the ATG list.
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    Shapovalov to me looks like the most talented player ever

    can't stand his constant towelling. other than that, exciting player to watch.
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    Where do you draw the ATG line?

    Edberg and Becker are not ATGs cmon. very good? absolutely. but let's not lower the standard.
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    Federer is Michael Jordan, Nadal is Kobe, and Djokovic Lebron

    wut the stats clearly show that jordan is a superior basketball player to LeBron so no documentary will ever change that. I give lebron credit for beating that golden state was monumental. however Jordan has at least 3 accomplishments similar to that. 1) he won 3 straight in a era...
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    Federer is Michael Jordan, Nadal is Kobe, and Djokovic Lebron

    i think boxing comparisons are more applicable here since basketball is a team sport. to me... Federer = Ali - best aesthetics, style and most iconic and beloved Nadal = Tyson - best athlete, physical style, considered 'intimidating' in tennis context Djokovic = Floyd - most skilled and...
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    Tennis related documentary/series you'd like to see produced in the future?

    i would like to see a wimbledon, us open, and AO version of the classic 'The French' documentary from the 80s.
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    Players that earned the most in a season

    Sampras earning nearly 10m in 1997 dollars is super impressive and kind of mind boggling. also djokovic actually earned 21m in 2015 after receiving his portion of the bonus pool.