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    I didn’t watch the Fabo v Nadal match, what happened?

    the decline has started. prime nadal would never lose a match like this against this kind of opponent on dirt
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    Federer's worst chokes.

    losing to sissypants at this years AO has to be up there.
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    What's Wrong With Zverev?

    and what's even worse, he lost to one of the all time worst grunters on tour. that guy's grunting is truly a disgrace to the sport of tennis.
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    The Next American Male to Win a Slam will be...

    none of those names OP listed is ever winning a slam. wont happen.
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    Another record for the Maestro!

    anyone else really hate the nickname 'The Swiss Maestro'? lol its so lame
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    Can you guess players by their grunt?

    got everyone except isner and rublev
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    Clay season is coming

    looking forward to the clay season but I really don't want to see the buttpicker dominate again. need djokovic, thiem and others to win some titles.
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    Fed vs El Shapo

    10 years from now, this will be looked back upon as a rare historical matchup. the old vs the new.
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    Felix Auger Aliassime

    i say winnable because FAA appears to be really good on return of serve. also let's not act like federer didn't lose to sissypants at this year's AO. he's 37.....not the same roger we have come to know and love.
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    Felix Auger Aliassime

    well no teenager this young has made it this far at miami in 35 years, so clearly FAA is a player that matters.
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    Felix Auger Aliassime

    the guy was ranked outside of the top 100 like a month ago. do we really need to nitpick on how many titles his top 20 opponents won? doesn't make it any less impressive.
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    Felix Auger Aliassime

    FAA is 5-0 vs top 20 comp. crazy stat for a teenager.
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    Felix Auger Aliassime

    fedr has a tough matchup with Anderson though....not a guarantee he gets by him. FAA has a winnable matchup with Isner.
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    Which young player are you going to support and why?

    Shapo scores very highly here due to no grunting and having a left handed 1HBH FAA does grunt but its barely noticeable so he gets a pass. sissypants i like quite a bit. he has a very natural villainous look (think Loki from Thor movies). i always thought the tour needed heels/bad guys to add...
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    Felix Auger Aliassime

    might legit mess around and win this thing. the dude has some poise!