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  • Ewan

    I just sold my 602 looking to purchase either the ELS/xELS but it is out of stock. I was told by a vendor middle of October & Gamma CS said November. Eager to know when it's in stock. I have access to a crank machine but still looking forward to getting the new one for myself.
    Also, do you have the base dimensions for this machine? primarily width/length at the feet of the machine.

    Thank you
    dont know if you saw the recent thread about string slipping into the gap on the dropweight. members suggested I contact you directly. any thoughts, workarounds, upgraded parts with a groove, etc?
    I posted a thread and was referred to ask you for help.
    I have a 5003 stringer and the spring inside the part that locks the clamp in place broke.
    Are there replacement springs? Or do I need to replace the clamp? Where would I get new clamps from?
    Hello sir, I recently acquired a Gamma 6900 stringing machine and I am loving the machine. I found that the owner had lost one of the clamp sleeves, which is the black rubber part to make the clamps a bit more comfortable and provide some tactile grip. Is there a way I can go about ordering this? I would appreciate any help or direction that you can give me. Thank you.
    Hi Brett, i have a Gamma 5003 6pt mount stringer (have had for many years). One of the A220 mounting stands has cracked straight through right where securing bolt is. Is there anywhere to purchase a replacement mounting stand (or stands)? Thanks in advance.
    I have a Gamma 6500 ELS. One clamp is starting to slip and there is more snapback movement of the clamp after pulling at tension. Do you have any suggestions to resolve these issues? Are they any meaningful upgrades that I can do besides getting the new Universal Fixed Clamps? Do you have any procedures regarding routine maintenance and lubrication? Thank you for your support. I greatly appreciate it.
    I have a gamma stringing machine and somehow in our move I lost one of the supports on the racquet head mount. I have contacted gamma twice but they never got back to me after saying they would. I would certainly by all four if that is an option just to get the stringer working again. Thanks again for any help.
    If you are still looking to buy some of those racquet head mounts let me know...I could sell you a set.
    Hi. My 13 year old Gamma X-Es has developed a problem. The knob that adjusts the tension has become quite hard to turn. It takes quite the effort if I want to say go about 5 lbs. in either direction. This has just happened in the last month or so. I sprayed a little WD 40 around there but it did nothing to help. Any ideas as to what this may be? Thanks!
    Hey GammaTech. Am looking into the stand for the X-2. Would you have dimensions, both how it's shipped and when it's in use? I assume there is some assembly, but there is little information out there. Thanks.
    My X-6FC needs parts. 1 of the frame support slide knobs (#270 in X-6FC manual) came off of the bolt. It's the plastic knob version. Can this be replaced? I recently found a small pin down in the tray of my stringer. It's from the clamp. When the clamp handle moves, there's a little roller so it's a smooth motion. The pin is the little axle for that roller, but the roller is gone. Can this be replaced? Thx
    Do you have any suggestions on what to do with the Gamma X-6FC in a situation where a table brake is needed or preferred (such as dealing with O-ports). I have tried wedging my body against the racquet but that did not work well. Thank you!
    Hey there!! I bought a 5800 ELS a couple years ago, and so far it has been awesome. But it's the non-SC version. Is it at all possible to upgrade my towers only to the SC ones?
    I have been using a gamma x2 stringer for a while and up to a few months ago my cross strings have been shotty and loose lately. I posted a new thread about it in the stringing techniques category. basically I believe that the stringer is not tensioning the previous cross for some reason. I have read too straighten the crosses as you go too but that doesn't seem to be my main problem. Any advice?
    Hi I am an owner of a Gamma X-stringer X-ES stringer. I just found that one support lock knob (part # 144 as listed at page 17 & 18 of the user manual for Gamma X-stringer X-ES stringer. Could you please advise how I could get a replacment part? Supposedly there are 4 but I only find 3 of them. Thanks,

    Allen (SJtennis)
    Hi Bret,
    Could you tell me some more about the Gamma Stringing machine 5800 ELS for details such as warranty and servicing in Europe?
    I am based in Ireland.
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