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    Gamma X-2 Stringer - I have to keep tensioning with Synthetic Gut and Multifilaments

    Best way to use the drop weight machine is with the drop weight bar all the way down. When starting first few mains as you bring the string from the racquet pull with a fair amount of force to get as much slack out of the string as possible. That way you will have less raising & lowering of the...
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    Trouble calibrating the locking lever on Crank Machine

    Can you take a few photos and email them to me?
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    Could this be a faulty clamp?

    When clamping a just tensioned string always clamp the string clamp first, then make sure the base clamp is centered and in line with the string clamp, then clamp the base clamp. When releasing the tensioned string release the base clamp first, then release the string clamp. Remember the...
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    string slipping into drop weight string holder

    The problem of the string getting behind the rotational gripper is most likely caused by one of two things. 1. The gripper jaw may need adjusted. The small (half moon shaped) gripper moves down when the drop weight/bar is lowered. The movable gripper jaw should be loose so that it can easily...
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    Gamma 5003 clamps

    MRfStop, Glad to help you with the problem you're having with your string clamp. You can reach me at either or
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    Gamma X-ELS button

    You can order a new tension button through me. email me at with your phone number.
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    gamma II drop weight test and adjusment

    A drop weight machine will not need calibrated, ever. The physics used will always produce a consistent result. As long as the drop weight bar is parallel to the floor whatever the weight is aligned to on the bar, that is what the tension will be. Even is the bar is up or down a few degrees...
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    Is the Diablo/gripper too far below the string bed?

    You can add the spacer to the machine to get the tensioner a little higher but you really do not need to do that. The reason the diablo/roller guide is there is to provide a consistent angle of the string to the gripper jaws. As you string a racquet you will notice that as you get closer to the...
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    The weight of the weight in a drop weight Gamma

    If you still need the weight for the drop weight machine I can help you with that. Our retail partners will not stock that part. Since they represent several manufacturers it is not possible for them to carry all parts for all machines. They only stock the accessories that are used regularly...
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    Curved vs straight clamp base tracks?

    The main reason Gamma Sports went to a curved slot was simply to allow the base clamps to move a bit farther apart providing a little more "reach" when string some of today's racquet geometries.
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    Help, screw fell off Gamma six-point machine, have no clue where from

    HI Anfield. The screw that you show is a shoulder support lock knob. It screws up from underneath the mounting arm and into the shoulder support. There's one for each of the four shoulder supports. I can help you order replacements if needed. They are not expensive. You can email me at...
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    Clamps moving a lot

    In my previous response I mentioned tightening the 17mm lock nut to adjust the base clamp, however after seeing your video you have a very early model Progression machine. The base clamps on that machine have been out of production for several years and the base clamps are no longer available...
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    Clamps moving a lot

    It sounds like the base clamp probably just need adjusted. Never, never, never, remove the base clamp lever and try to adjust the clamp from the top, teh sadjustment should be made from underneath. Leave the base clamp on the turntable and look under your turntable and you will see holes about...
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    What is the maintenance difference of different machines?

    From a machine tech's point of view.....if it ain't broke don't fix it. Best thing you can do is just clean string clamp and gripper surfaces, keep dust off the machine, and check calibration every once in a while (couple times a year or after 40-50 racquets). The "maintenance" issues I get...
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    Tighten clamp base on Gamme 6900els

    The 17mm lock nut has a nylon insert that helps secure the threads. It sounds like the nylon insert has broken down and is no longer providing friction between the threads. I can send you a replacement.