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  • Hello, #MrGARYDUANE,

    Anytime I hear of anyone our age undergoing "medical testing" it gives reason to pause. I hope it's nothing significant and that you quickly rebound from whatever might be ailing you. I'm fortunate not to have to take medication at my age. #MedicarePartD is worthless to me, but a God-send to others.

    Thanks for your kind words. I changed a players name and the moderators considered that "flaming" and I was banned for two days. Well, I had hoped they could minimally roll-out a new forum, but I guess that proved to be too large of task for them.

    Take care and keep me updated!
    #MrGARYDUANE, it is very difficult to abandon #Rafael just because his level has dropped. What I admire about him is that he acted upon his strength to challenge tennis history in a non-conventional way that no other man could achieve. He carved-out a nice piece of tennis history with fortitude. I hope they have a good match, but my focus is on #Serena. Novak-Rafael might shadow her tomorrow, but all the focus will be on #Serena after that.
    It's good to see the #kids get excited approaching the summer grand slam season. They rarely talk about it in the general message forum but #Serena is the one making tennis history this year. Hope all is well!
    It's easy to look at things from any angle if you truly have an open mind, which almost no one has. ;)
    I was posting at menstennisf0rums instead.

    Yes, it's easy to argue things from a multitude of angles without believing in any of them...


    ...for about two (maybe three) people on the forum.

    The rest don't geddit. Just sayin'.
    Angie is a character alright.
    think the battle was an illusion to be honest. It seemingly was often close, but as another thread pointed out earlier, at the business end of sets, Djokovic was 6-0. He also won 12 out of 16 games after going down 0-2 in the first.

    To me, Djokovic didn't really want to have to grind. He wanted to win the the minimal effort and kept himself just ahead of Nadal until later in sets where he simply focused harder and Nadal couldn't (yet in his current form) live with it.

    Nadal was killing himself to stay in this match. Djokovic had plenty left in hand and used it when he needed to.

    Key part of the match was that Nadal had to work way harder than Djokovic due to Djokovic's incredible control and mixture of shots in that match, which often had Nadal on a string. Much like with Murray having to work too hard on his service games, it was unsustainable for Nadal.

    Split to 2 messages.. char. limit.
    I think if Nadal had somehow fluked the 2nd set (because in my mind he was never winning it) then he'd have been mauled in the 3rd.

    We know that Nadal can improve and make this at least an even fight again but in my mind he got comprehensively beaten. The battle was an illusion. Djokovic had this in hand.
    LOL>> How did you find that thread?

    It got needlessly locked because presumably so many Federer fans complained about what was a perfectly reasonable thread.
    Hello, #MrGaryDuane, I guess they are adding features and rI equested you on my friends list.
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