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    Wearing glasses with perfect vision?

    As a kid I had a lazy eye and for a year had to wear a patch to strengthen the eye - which was useless - then got an eye operation and never needed glasses again except for reading until around age 60. But during the lazy eye thing I had to wear glasses. No one who has ever HAD to wear glasses...
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    When did your ancestors come to America !!

    You mean my favorite piker? ;)
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    Would have Cilic beaten Djokovic in the final of US 2014, given he wouldn't lose in the semis to Nishikori?

    To me Cilic's win was one of the weakest ever, and that USO was for me the worst in probably 20 years or more.
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    When did your ancestors come to America !!

    Apparently first used in 1932, but can't find the source.
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    Poll about posters' MARITAL status!

    1st marriage OR relationship is very unclear. I only got married once but was in multiple relationships earlier.
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    Stefanos 'not my best' Tsitsipas

    I like everything about Thiem except his W/L record. The guy has so many things to admire about him as a person.
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    "Today's 33 is our 27." - Ivan Lendl explaining the Great Age Shift in tennis.

    My money - well no money because I'm too cheap - is on the number of older players in the top 100 dropping down some because we are currently at an abnormal peak, but I also think things are changing in that direction. I seem to remember an unusual number of older players winning their biggest...
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    Thiem and Mladenovic split

    A comment: bin mir aber sicher, dass Mladenovic in Österreich jetzt für den Rest ihrer Karriere Thiem-Ex heißt. I'm sure that in Austria Mladenovic is going to be known as Thiem-Ex for the rest of her career.
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    Stefanos Tsitsipas

    Wow, I did not even recognize it is the same person in this video.
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    WTF is one of the biggest titles in tennis

    If I were part of the VB I'd been mass-lynched for saying this, but I think it should be on different surfaces in different years. As a fan of Fed and fast, aggressive tennis, I prefer HC and grass. I like indoor, low bounce, lots of net play. I like clay the least. So it's not what I prefer. I...
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    WTF Final: [6] Tsitsipas vs. [5] Thiem

    First of all, it's good to see you posting a lot. And, for the record, the possibility of a Diamond Age has always excited me. I like what I saw today, two young guns, and one very young, playing attacking tennis, 1HBH and so on. This is something I've thought about a lot. I went through the...
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    WTF Final: [6] Tsitsipas vs. [5] Thiem

    I like to wait for the end of the year to draw conclusions, and we are now there. It's over. 20 people on the list this year winning over 85% of games on HC, the dominant surface in tennis. In 1991 there were 7. In 92, 3 In 93, 5 I don't agree that the only reason tall guys are winning more...
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    Why the Next Gen Suffer Against Rafa but not with Roger and Nole?

    Maybe: "I try to win at least a set."
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    Federer is 90th on the all-time list of percentage of break points converted. For context, Nadal is #2 and Djokovic is #7.

    That would be linked to something else. Both Fed and Sampras, Sampras even more, have always coasted. With supreme confidence in serving they didn't worry until they got broken, then went for crucial breaks. Fed's career record on TBs shows how good he has been under pressure, and that's where...