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    Grooves in my strings!

    Hello there! I have not playing for like, 6 months. The las time i've played was in a hotel on vacations, 5000 ft over the sea level. These last couple of days started to play again and noticed my strings are really stiff. After a closer inspection, i found that grooves were formed in every...
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    The Argentine thread (se habla español)

    Hola putos, a ver si aparece eso!
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    Argentina DC jacket

    FILA's looks so much better. I'll see if i can get you a website that makes international shipments here.
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    Increasing RDS 002 grip size.

    Good tip, thanks!
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    Increasing RDS 002 grip size.

    Hi guys. I want to increase one size my 3 1/8 grip. Replacing the original grip with a leather one would be enough? (which leather grip then?) I believe yes, coz the original grip seems to be so thin... If not, should i add a shrink and then the leather? I'm using Super Grap overgrip. Thanks!
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    What's going on with Yonex's Super Grap?

    Hi. Can't buy them! Out of stock? It's odd that the website does not show the YONEX brand in the over grip section...
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    Post Picture Of Your Tennis Bag(s)...

    I'll end up using a regular backpack (once i find one at home, has to be somewhere!) Do you lock the zips? That's the most annoying part with racquets, they pull the zippers out!
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    Post Picture Of Your Tennis Bag(s)...

    I'm in the market for a backpack, anybody with some pics and review of the Wilson K Tour XL Back Pack?
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    Going Full Time at Tennis

    Dude, twitter yourself!
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    Is Tennis Taking over your life???

    You work with tennis, is not an obsession but something you have to do in order to support your hobby... tennis!
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    How do the pro's handle such high swingweights?

    Sorry mister, but static weight and swingweight are not related to a 1:1 rate. You may have a head light, heavy racquet that feels much more light when swinging than a 10 oz head heavy one. If you've been playing 10 years with 10 oz racquets, then adjusting to a 11.5+ oz racquet may be...
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    Reading An Opponents Shot And Direction

    I believe that this is one of those things given by experience.
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    Continential Grip - I've Done Wrong For Years

    Continental grip = strings perpendicular to the ground! There are lots of pics on google image search.
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    Reading An Opponents Shot And Direction

    I don't think you can read one's leading shoulder in an open stance position, because it has none! (AFAIK)
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    Reading An Opponents Shot And Direction

    Dude, what's the deal with your writing? Anyway, watching the ball comming off the strings is a no brainer, when are you supposed to do it? What's the leading shoulder?