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    Gravity Pro vs Tour

    Yonex are a bit closer to spec.
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    Is 16 by 19 string pattern always better for serving than a 18 by 20?

    The Prince TT100P that I mentioned above is an 18x20 with 6 mains in the throat. More spin than some of my 16x19s but still able to flatten the ball out nicely. Not too high a launch angle like some 16x19s either.
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    Graphene + Spiralfibers makes no sense at all

    Maybe they’ve added graphene to the paint they use to print the “+”
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    Yonex DR98 to Clash 100 Tour?

    You will get pretty much the same power with the clash 98 as the Tour 100, but better touch and control with the 98. I don’t think you will get as much control as the DR98 though. I could be way off here, but maybe one of the Angell rackets. The Prince TT310 and TT100P are exceptional rackets...
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    A string you had such high hopes for but was a complete bust...???

    I think it’s far more important to match the right racket with the right string, in the right gauge at the right tension. I have both loved and hated Hyper G, solstice power, proline II, Xperince and other strings mentioned here depending on the above variables. I loved the 17g hyperG so...
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    Gravity Pro, How Low Can You Go?

    I tried lynx at around 48 I think. I liked it much better @43. That’s just me.
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    Gravity Pro, How Low Can You Go?

    I had to string at a lower tension with this racket also. 43lb worked well for me.
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    2020 Most POWERFUL string now!

    Same as it was last year - natural gut
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    What was the best Pure Drive?

    The TC100...oops, that’s an Angel ;)
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    What’s the worlds most powerful poly string?

    A couple that come to mind are Kirschbaum Proline Evolution and Isospeed cream
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    The Beast series sits In a very competitive space. It’s probably not possible to compete with the marketing budgets of Wilson, Babolat, etc, so you need to find someway to differentiate the Beast from the competition in that market segment. You need to meet customer needs better than the...
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    +1 ...the best looking racket on the market right now IMO
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    I wish that I knew this 10 years ago...what a shame ;)