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    Best modern 18x20 97-100"?

    I own the TT100P and the Gravity Pro and prefer the Prince for the modern feel.
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    Gut/4G vs Gut\Tourbite

    Have you considered 4G Soft over regular 4G as a cross? Same goes for AluPower Soft vs regular...pretty good when my arm is sensitive...still seems to reign in the power of the gut.
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    VCore Pro 100

    I ended up passing on it. Played around with a few customisations and couldn’t get it to play as good as my Prince TT310s or TT100P.
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    Head Gravity

    Wow - 15g difference...that's atrocious. I remember ordering my first Angell TC100 and then ordering a 2nd one about 2 months later. I provided the specs and my second one came in 0.2g off spec. Balance and swing weight identical.
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    Head Gravity

    Turns out that the racket I purchased is way off spec. I didn't realise that Head quality control was so bad. Balance unstrung is 32.2 vs 31.5 Weight is 311.2 vs 315 Factory strung, specs were: Balance 33.2 vs TW specs of 32.4 i.e 3.2pts HL instead of 6pts HL!!! Weight is 328.7 vs TW 332 My...
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    Head Gravity

    Bought the Gravity Pro in Australia. It had a black poly string from the factory. Wish I knew what string it was. I was getting great spin on my serves.
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    The Babolat Pure Strike Project Two Zero Thread

    So why do people lower tension to get more distance? My understanding was that energy is lost by the ball during the collision with the string bed. The stiffer the string bed, the more energy that is lost in the collision and less energy returned in the opposite direction. A softer string bed...
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    VCore Pro 100

    Currently demoing the previous version. Have added a few grams to the tip and a gram at 9 & 3. Also added about 9 grams to handle. Very plush and seems like a good setup, but I still need more time. Definitely too light and underpowered in stock form for me.
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    Head Gravity

    Not sure...just factory strung. Good point though. It has loads of control so a lower tension might be perfect
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    Head Gravity

    Tried the Pro yesterday but it was with the factory strings. I thought it comes around quickly for the specs, very plush and volleys are superb. Wasn’t too impressed with the power on serves, ground strokes or returns but I could really hit my spots. I guess there’s always a trade off.
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    Making an Ezone 98 even more arm friendly

    I agree with the previous posters - rest it up. I followed the same path as you - health arm > Babolat > tennis elbow > dr98, and I can confirm that, depending on how bad your TE is, the dr98 alone, won’t fix it. Here’s my advice: 1. Rest, and when you start playing, take it easy. I was too...
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    The Babolat Pure Strike Project Two Zero Thread

    Or is it that the higher tension takes some of the power off the shot?...maybe both(?)
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    6 m 6 mains through the throat - that's no Ezone 98
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    Thinking of switching to 18 x 20

    The Prince TT100P is a great compromise. It’s an 18/20 racket with only 6 mains through the throat i.e it’s pretty open for an 18x20 with nice power, spin and control IMO
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    Best playability set up

    Also try pre stretching strings and/or tensioning a little higher than your ideal tension. A freshly strung racket will loose almost 10% of initial tension in 24hrs without even using it, depending on different string types, but it is still significant. It will loose some more once you start...