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    L5 grip raquets

    You can always go the custom route. Some places will be able to mold a custom grip for you. But you will most likely have to ship your racquet to them.
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    Less Spin with 4 1/2 Grip Size

    I have racquets in 3/8 and 1/2 sizes and I don't see a difference in the amount of spin that I can generate. I do feel that the 1/2 grip size gives me more stability.
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    Anyone still use Wilson Pro Staff 85 competitively?

    I am about 4.5 and use the PS85, but I play for fun, not in a league. I have more modern racquets (RF97 and Vcore Pro) but I don't feel like my game is missing much with the classic.
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    Stefan Edberg Adidas Racket
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    Stefan Edberg Adidas Racket

    It might have been the Delta Concept. I don't have a lot of info on it. Maybe the other guys do.
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    OK, I get it, this racquet is not a classic: Spalding Orbi-Tech

    I had one Orbitech 95 a while back. I remember that it did not play any better than a regular racquet and the round head got constant attention and ridicule. After a few sessions, I sold it. But it was an interesting racquet to have in my collection.
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    whats it like to have longer crosses and shorter mains?

    The closest that I know of is the Spalding Orbitech. It had a round head so the mains were the same length as crosses.
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    Yamaha Secret Experts - Could anyone tell me the specs of Yamaha Secret EX?

    You just need to learn to swing like McEnroe and let the weight of the racquet do all the work.
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    Anybody still using a "Classic" racket (1990s and earlier) as their main racket?

    Most of the sticks that I play with are from the 80's. Currently in my rotation are the Prokennex Silver Ace 90, Fox Graphite Pro WB-210, Dunlop Max 300i, Yamaha Secret 06, Wilson Ultra 2 Mid, Wilson Ultra PFK, Prince POG OS. I know these racquets cover the whole spectrum and have not much in...
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    Do we know this (former) collector???

    The package that I got does not have a name on it, just said Tennishaven, the same as the acct name on the sale site.
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    Do we know this (former) collector???

    Not sure who he is but I purchased a Fox racquet from him. I can see his name on the shipping label once I get the racquet.
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    is prince o3 white basically the pure drive?

    The O3 white does not feel as stiff as the pure drive. It is a lot more comfortable to play with and has good power. The pure drive is more powerful due to its stiffness.
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    Is this racquet string correctly?

    Yes, I think it was strung in correctly. The pattern is to skip 8T but the stringer skipped 7T. Abel beat me to it :)
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    Prince CTS Approach 110

    I bought 2 of them a few months ago. I strung with 16GA poly at 55lbs. And to me it feels very meaty (around 13oz) but I haven't measured it. But it is very powerful and solid.
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    How to keep lead tape stuck on racquet?

    Some people use gorilla tape. Apparently it stays on until you want to remove it.