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    Would like to see Felix A.A. win his first title.

    Me too but maybe the lost finals are getting to him, today he had opportunities to win and played poorly the crutial points.
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    Medvedev must be really pissed off with RG organization

    Tsitsipas played really solid though, nothing much Medvedev could do.
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    Medvedev must be really pissed off with RG organization

    Days ago he said he didn´t like to play at night because of the different playing conditions. Also after his match with Garin he kinda won the crowd over saying they´ll be cheering for him today because he speaks French. Now they made him play at night and without a crow :-D
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    A fair and unbiased assessment of Federer’s decision to pull out of the French Open

    I think Fed didn´t expected to win the match the way things were going after the 2nd set, but then Knoepfer started to choke and Roger couldn´t tank the match so he had to win it eventually. That was enough for him, got a few matches under his belt. There was no point risking an injury against...
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    Nadal at 50 will still be winning Roland Garros

    At least you have a reason why it´s been deleted, my polemic thread from last saturday got deleted without notice nor reason :)
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    Hey Jannik, tennis isn´t only hitting the ball as hard as you can..

    Shouldn´t this kid have learned by now? Completely exposed by Nadal, AGAIN. How about varying heights and angles...It´s gonna be a long road to GOATness
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    Imagine if you are Koepfer in this situation

    He had his chance, was playing great, Roger was gassed but let him get back into the match. Great effort by Roger though..
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    Federer Simply Will Not Stand for Gamesmanship

    It´s weird cause after his 1st Round match Federer said it felt strange to him going for the towels and that in Geneva he felt too fast between points, kinda like playing a practice match, so now he needed to pace himself a bit more. Perhaps he went the other way around, I haven´t seen his...
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    If Swiatek wins the FO again...

    Insert "get out" GIF hahaha
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    Federer: "Clay is not slow. It is mostly faster than hardcourts these days, people don't understand"

    Remember Madrid´s blue clay? Hahaha.. anyway, he also said that rallies in Doha were longer, another way to say hardcourts are slow.
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    Medvedev: Roland Garros conditions are similar to Australian Open

    Perhaps it´s the new Wilson balls, I know they changed last year but maybe it´s showing the effects now with the normal RG weather.
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    You can blame Social Media for “Next Gen” failing

    Toni Nadal already said this, the new gen pays too much attention to social media and makes them loss their focus.
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    Federer with ON Tennis shoes Dubai

    It´s probably underneath, clay court soles tend to cover the whole foot.
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    Novak Djokovic confident of wearing down the next gen in Best of 5

    Here´s the link of the statement
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    What is wrong with Diego Schwartzman?

    Diego should watch some of his 2020 matches to get some confidence back!!