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    Volkl Organix 10 Super Gs

    Totally agree, there is no classic Volkl feel on the Super G X10. It is a modern player's racket with a super stable racket head and a slight flex in the string bed during ball contact.
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    Volkl Organix 10 Super Gs

    I transitioned from head prestige 600 to volkl ... a long time ago. Anyway, the volkl classic feel ... is like a cushioned, sling shot kinda feel where u can feel the strings and racket head flex on impact with the ball (volkl c10 pro, tour 10 rackets). IMHO :-)
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    Volkl Organix 10 Super Gs

    I played with super g 10 325 for the past couple of weeks. It does have a bit more power, and better feel (non muted) then the organix 10 325. I like the super g version way better than the old version of organix 10 325.
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    Using 2 over grips...

    I use two overgrips on my volkls. Done for added comfort and make the racket balance out a bit with lead tape in the racket head. Love the feel of Yonex super grap over grip.
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    Playtesters: Any word on Volkl Super G 10??

    Thanks for the update Michelle Hopefully the review will be posted soon.
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    Making Grommets flush

    To make grommets more flush to the frame, i use a heat gun or blow dryer to heat up and soften the grommet. Then it becomes easier to press together the grommet closer to the frame (use your hand and/or a stringing awl tool).
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    Playtesters: Any word on Volkl Super G 10??

    Should be interesting comments on how the new version compares to the non-G version.
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    Volkl Organix 10 Super G?

    Darn, i also wanted cap grommets on the new super G organix 10 and less stiffer than non-super G organix 10. Oh well ... I just demo one later this year and see how it plays.
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    Best Racket Bag?

    I like the volkl super tour 9 racket bag. Fits all my rackets, clothes, shoes, etc ... etc. :-D
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    VOLKL PB10 MID--anybody use it?

    Great mid size frame. I love the soft flex (easy on the arm), weight (330g unstrung), and balance 1.3 inch HL unstrung. :)
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    Wish List for Reissue???

    +1 for Volkl Tour 10 mid generation I.
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    FS: Dunlop AG100 (x2), 4 1/2, 8-8.5/10

    I have two Dunlop AG100 rackets for sale. Grip Size: 4 1/2 Description: Rackets were always used with over grip, racket head protection tape, and lead tape. Just a few bumper scrapes and minute paint chips on one racket. I can email pictures upon request. Condition: Racket 1...
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    Your favorite natural gut hybrid?

    My current hybrid: Pacific Tough Gut mains 16g x Spiky Shark 16g Crosses.
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    NEW Vantage Custom racquet order - what's your specs ?

    Here my specs Headsize: 95 String Pattern: 16x19 Stiffness: 63 RA Length: 27.25 Weight (unstrung)/Balance: 320g (11.4oz) / 310mm (10pts hl) Frame Colour: White Bumper Colour: Black Handle Shape: D Handle size: 3 Grip type: black leather
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    Vantage odrers? Anyone

    I also live in Canada and do not want to pay high fees to any couriers, so I sent an email to Sven to shipped via USPS when my racket is done (still pending shipping status - I also changed frame color from black to white).