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    Head Gravity

    Still using my 2019 pros, no mods, with Ice Code at 50/48lbs. Longest I have gone without changing anything (racket or string), even now on a 2nd reel of ice code. The angles and touch you get off these frames is still nuts.
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    Hyper G Full Bed vs Hybrid?

    Hyper G in a hybrid as you mentioned was not good for me. Launch angle was increased and too much extra power, little control and massive decrease in spin. Hyper G for me is a full bed at a low tension or not at all. Evolution works well in a hybrid, because it's smooth and quite powerful it...
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    No, I had to draw a line somewhere after testing a few and the gravity is a good balance for my game. Previously had a prostaff97, yonex dr98, 6.1 95. The vcore is tempting, I used to use the vcore 89t, which is still fun to use now, thing is like a Lazer. but I'm happy with the head and the...
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    True, Ice code naturally has a lower than average launch angle. The string I find is slippery against the ball, maybe that's where the Ice in the name comes from? I use it in a gravity pro - fairly open 18x20
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    I would suggest dropping the guage of poly to 1.20 or 1.25 for Ice code. Ice code 1.20 really is a great string. Very neutral feel. You might find 1.30 too dead.
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    Head Gravity

    The issue is Head got it "right" first time and now everything is a backwards step. The original design and colour contrast is just so sharp, bold and the colours complement each other nicely. Because the original is so different it's hard to change it without losing either the individuality of...
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    Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro strings?

    Poly at 48 Synthetic gut at 54 Multi at 56 That is where I would suggest starting, depending which string you try of course.
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    What does a "heavy ball" mean?

    one day you will go to hit a ball or return and be amazed at how your hand is still attached to your wrist. The ball will fly off to the right and you might lose the racket from your hand = heavy ball. Then you learn how to adjust your swing to suit. More torque sensation onto the racket =...
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    Non-playing longevity?

    It depends what you are used too and what you have strung with. I had to restring poly after the last lockdown, but that was 3 months and it felt like the strings had stiffened up after trying them out. I strung both rackets in the last week. Only managed a few hours on each frame before...
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    polys with best feel

    There are a few of us, we keep it quiet because it is a great poly. Agree feel is good with this string. It is why it is in my racket ;)
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    Why some multis unravel and which for hybrid?

    Prince Premier Touch and Head Rip Control are both good. Neither unwind. They will start to fray as they get close to breaking. But both are durable as a cross, Rip Control especially.
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    Head Gravity

    Have you tried strings other than Pro Line Evo in the Gravity? I tried it on multiple occasions (including again only this week) and will be cutting it out. Something about the combo of frame and string means I get an odd feel on contact and produces a really inconsistent ball. Ice Code and YPTP...
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    Diadem Impulse...anyone tried it?

    TNT2 is more powerful and has a less slick surface. no, I played more than that, the coating lasted 8 hours, but the string lasted longer than the coating. as more of the coating is removed the string loses the thing that makes it unique.
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    Diadem Impulse...anyone tried it?

    More than 15 hours as a cross before I want to cut it out or it snaps. It is medium powered, a bit muted. No as powerful as Prince Premier touch, more powerful than Head Rip control. I still stand by the fact that it plays well when fresh but the main reason I stopped using it was because its a...
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    Head Gravity

    hmmm I like the purple, not sure on the blended shading, its not as striking as the current. The two separate solid sides work better. A Purple and Lime would have been good, think ill grab a 3rd Pro in the current colour. Just need to time the price drop right