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    Prince Beast 98

    Hope you get to use it this year.
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    Prince Beast 98

    no one is playing with anything right now. We’re in the middle of a pandemic.
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    If season 2020 gets cancelled and the rankings aren't freezed, who will be #1?

    If 5 players in the Top 10 die in a bizarre gardening accident, who will assume their spots in the Top 10 and how will it affect the ATP Tour Championship?
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    Sponsorship changes 2020

    She already is. Bounced out of AO early. I think early last season was her career peak. Can she win a low-level tournament in Romania or out in the boonies in Australia? Why not. But I don't think she's consistent enough to win on a big stage.
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    Clijsters racket

    She didn't win, but she played well overall. Her shotmaking got better and better as the match wore on and she had Mugu nervous in that second set. The longer that match went, the better Kim got. She's gonna be trouble for a lot of players in a short amount of time. She was painting the baseline...
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    looks like a racquet from that Portuguese custom racket maker, Dahcor.
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    Does your tennis bag brand match your racquet brand?

    I’ve been using the Wilson Clash duffle style bag with a Clash, a few Blades and a Babolat PA in there. Bag is nice but I miss being able to put my bag on my back and have my hands free. I have an OCD disorder where the bag brand has to match the racket brand. I don’t know why, but there’s a...
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    Is it bad/ weird I like switching racquets?

    I’ve been doing the same thing: Was playing a Blade 98 v7, Clash 98 and PA. Clash I find erratic and lacks feel on touch shots, Blade is a great racket, yet demands good footwork, and the PA has been my favorite serving racket. I am sticking with the PA for now, and even found a unused 2010...
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    Racquet Care What to use? Lysol Wipes? Other ideas?

    I play indoor/hard, so I can't relate to dirty rackets too much. I lick my finger and wipe off dirt. When I do play on clay and my scuff guard is full of clay, I take a wet rag and wipe it off. That's it. When the stick gets restrung, they will wipe off the hoop. I dunno. I don't mind battle...
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    Favourite racquet

    If I am in a non-USTA match situation, a PA or PD Tour can feel like I am ruining my opponents' morning. Crushing shots with that thing makes guys on the other side react like Mike Tyson is teeing off on them -- gets a purely defensive reaction. But it's a beast and like any wild animal, it...
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    Racquet Donation

    If you’re serious I am friends with a tennis pro who runs a tennis federation in Ghana. Rackets and anything we want to donate goes directly to kids and young adults of all ages who are part of the tennis program over there. Ghana is very poor and I know first-hand that that kids over there are...
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    Racquet Care What to use? Lysol Wipes? Other ideas?

    LOL!! I don't know where these questions come from. I want to clean my racket. HELP!!!!
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    2020 Wilson Ultra