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    your picture...

    Check out a picture of POGO and his wife. I'd say Argentine women are hot:mrgreen:
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    What Level Backhand is This?

    Excellent point(s) Superior_Forehand!!! I also think that person is about 3.5ish. AngeloDS, Would you post some clip of yourself to compare, since you are a colligate tennis player?
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    your picture...

    Hi Noelle!!! I've been here every now and then and reading some of the threads, but haven't really been posting as much as I use to. I've been very busy with work and busy with the new house, but when everything is finally settled in, I'll be here more often;)
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    how much does a 2 LT. bottle of coca cola cost?

    About the same price as what you are paying. Sometimes grocery stores will have coupons for by two 2 litter bottles and get one 2 litter bottle free.
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    Question Regarding Camcorders, 8MM or MiniDV?

    I would go for the miniDV POGO. Though you mentioned that the person recieving this gift is not computer savy, miniDV can be plugged in to any A/V connection via VCR or TV to be viewed directly from the camera. Plus he will have an option to transfer the video files to a computer in the future...
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    your picture...

    Oh c'mon guys. Just because you are married to a beautiful wife does not mean you can't look at other beautiful women. You can look but not touch, but don't make too obvious if you are with your wife though. ;) This goes both ways by the way. Women are just as similar as guys when looking...
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    Two Mains Popped During third Set of Play

    From the picture, it looks like normal string breakage since the breakage is within the middle of the stringbed. If the breakage was closer to the grommets or bumper guard, then I would suspect some kinking around those area. That kind of breakage is pretty common if you hit with heavy spin...
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    Your top 10 favorite movies and TV shows of all time

    Mine would be, 1. Saving Private Ryan 2. The Shinning 3. Empire of the Sun 4. Star Wars (the first movie) 5. The God Father 6. Lords of the Rings 7. Caddy Shack (classic Bill Murray at his best)
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    I Touch Myself

    Hmmm.........are we, rommil and I, the only ones that see that POGO is singing an "actual" one hit wonder from Divinyls, "I Touch Myself"? You all are probably too young to even know this or do not listen to pop music from the 90s.
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    Newer POG Have Larger Grip Size Than Older POG?

    Thanks all, and I'm glad to be back. I finally have a little time to relax after I moved. Just purchased a home and the wife and I were quite busy doing the improvements and the moving process. I hope I will not have to do this again :) raftermania, Thanks!!! Great to hear from you...
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    Newer POG Have Larger Grip Size Than Older POG?

    Hello all, I just purchased three POG mids and I noticed that the grip feels larger than usual, compared to the older POG versions that I use exclusively. It feels about a half size larger, and the grip seems much more square in shape. Anyone else notice this?
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    your picture...

    POGO, Great pics!!! Just like to say THANK YOU!!!! Non of us, non military people, will never know how it is being shot at in battle, but I'm glad many of you made it home man.
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    My rubber band method

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    Do You all Remember When Tennis Balls Went Higher Than 4?

    I found an old tennis ball in the basement. I would date this ball from the 80's. Do you all recall when the number schemes went higher than 4?
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    your picture... know you I have heard that from other people, but I need to get a little darker tan... I'm 6'-3". Is Vin that tall also?