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    USO R16: Monfils (13) vs. Nadal (3) should work
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    USO R16: Monfils (13) vs. Nadal (3)

    amazinngggg point. point of the tourney
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    Drop serve???

    people consider it bad sportsmanship
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    What is your favorite grand slam and why?

    i like kittens because they're cute
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    Tennis ball throw distance

    i just came back from the courts and tried this out..i was able to throw the ball over the fence from the baseline and i'm 17 and around 5'5 - 5'6
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    Who's the most respected member of TT?

    my vote goes to wihamilton :)
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    How fast (and furious) can you serve?

    i think i served at about 100mph in my scrimmage today. (we had really bad winds at about 27mph behind my back) :) but i probably average about 61-80mph
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    Practice Practice Practice...

    just play more matches instead of mindlessly hitting the ball back and forth, it won't do much good for you if you can't pull off the same shots in a match.
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    Best iPhone tennis app?

    An app for the weather so that you know on which days you can play ACTUAL tennis! :)
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    Is my string dead ?

    it might just be the weather if it's getting cold again in your area
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    Do you use full poly?

    full tecnifibre spinfire or something like that on my kblade98
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    are you really supposed to use an eastern backhand grip for the kick serve?

    you're supposed to be able to get more spin on the ball with an eastern backhand grip for the serve but you should use the grip that feels more comfortable for your kick serves
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    Most boring matches you've ever watched??!!!

    the most boring match i ever saw is James Blake V. Chris Guccione at the 2008 olympics. :neutral: hardly any rallies lasted more than 3 shots
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    This line judge is RIDCULUS!!!! (must see)

    i hope the line judge got fired after that
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    Can I have more weight on back foot at start of serve?

    i'm pretty sure almost everyone starts their serve with their weight on the backfoot and transfers the weight forward.