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    Serve tips (video)

    I think you start dropping your left arm and uncoiling your shoulders before you've completed your leg loading. Rewatching, I think you use your legs to aid your toss, then you have to bend your knees again to load later. Don't do that. It's a tennis ball, not a kettlebell, and you only need to...
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    Best ATP/WTA Semi-Abbreviated Platform Serves?

    Is your toss consistent? I experimented with pinpoint stance and various versions of abbreviated takebacks and the key to consistency for me has always been my toss. That said, sometimes I need to abbreviate things to get my toss to stabilize. Ideally, I'd like to rock back and toss as I rock...
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    Best ATP/WTA Semi-Abbreviated Platform Serves?

    What technical issue are you trying to address with an 'abbreviated' takeback?
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    What happens if you string full bed multi at low tensions?

    I said exactly that to my stringer and he suggested I string 10% lower than I was....which was 45lbs in my Tour 90. I thought he was nuts, but I got that end of life feeling basically straight off the stringer. I think you should try it!
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    Curious ideas from Bill Tilden

    Come on, we still use word like "heavy" to describe balls hit with speed and spin. Don't get hung up on the literal language, try to understand what ideas he is trying to describe. You can certainly hit a slow in the air extremely spinny ball that jumps off the court. You can also hit a flat...
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    Are you have happy switching to a crossover/SUV/PickUp over a sedan/sports car?

    My favorite stock handling car to drive was a Porsche Cayman S. Telepathic steering. Perfect weight in the wheel. I also enjoyed a Mitsubishi Evo 8.
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    How did Sampras' racket play

    My friend used NXT 16 in his PS85 and I thought it was nice.
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    Are you have happy switching to a crossover/SUV/PickUp over a sedan/sports car?

    The three I would consider are Sienna, Odyssey, and Sedona.
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    Are you have happy switching to a crossover/SUV/PickUp over a sedan/sports car?

    You might be surprised how high the limits are for the modern SUV or truck compared to designs of 15-20+ years ago. Your average driver, even driving spiritedly for the street, would probably have no issues. Although I still prefer sedans to SUVs, I understand the practical limitations of my...
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    Weird experience with customization

    I never had any luck adding weight to handles, either in strips along the pallet, or stuck to the buttcap. When I add lead tape to the hoop and I swing the racket, I can feel the lead. I think it's because it's denser, so even if it's only a few grams, it's concentrated. I haven't experimented...
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    Dimensions of Bare Racquet Handles

    So I took a stab at making my BLX6.1 95 handle feel more like my Tour 90s. I attempted to measure the finished leather grip on my Tour 90s with my digital calipers and then I measured the finished leather grip on my 6.1. I found the 6.1 handle to be more rectangular so I added 4 strips of...
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    Racquet lifespan?

    Someone with a lot of time (or who plays a lot) and dedication is going to have to take a brand new racket and test its flex and track it over time for a scientific answer.
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    Why not up-string it?

    Yes. But the point is you are thinking about things in a backwards way. You choose a reference tension you want the stringer to string at that feels good when you play the next day after most of the initial tension loss happens. So, if you said, string my racket at 50 lbs, and then hot off the...
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    Racquet lifespan?

    I don't know what my own rackets RDC'd at when they were new, I'm just recalling TW's spec. For all I know they've always been 63RA. Speculate away.
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    Racquet lifespan?

    :unsure: My 17 year old Tour 90s recently RDC'd at 63 flex. New, I believe they were 66 or 67. I restring basically once a year.