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    Inconsistent Forehand

    One of the differences I see between what I do on court and what the pros do is that when I hit a ball that bounces on or near the service line, my opponent can easily hit from the baseline or inside it and a pro may hit with enough spin and pace that a ball like that will still push the...
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    How do you get fast? I want to become de Minaur of 4.0s!

    This. But I'd also add that many players get lazy in two ways that hurt their time to the next ball: 1: They don't split step on every ball. Standing tall and sort of falling towards the direction you want to go is not efficient, so be sure you split step to get that low center of gravity...
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    TW shoe finder option suggestion

    I know I'm not the only one who would appreciate a filter option for toe draggers, so all shoes with toe reinforcement regardless of brand could be displayed. Thanks!
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    Shoes for toe dragger

    The ultimate shoe for toe draggers IMO was adidas Superstar 2G with the rubber shell toe, but they've long been discontinued. I've since been using Barricade Clubs and a pair of Nike Cages I wasn't a huge fan of. But I don't play hard enough to drag my toes any more. If you choose black shoes...
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    NXT drop weight vs electronic with prestretch

    Thanks for all the practical advice! I just put the machine together last night. Thankfully I have two identical rackets I can string one at a time to try to dial in on the number more quickly. I do like the more consistent over life feel that the machine prestretch seemed to give me. That's...
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    Inconsistent Forehand

    It's hard to see at full speed so I'm likely nit picking here, but your contact point is inconsistent. It's most obvious to me on those low balls where you sort of reach out for it instead of taking a small step forward. It probably feels slightly awkward and off-balance to you. Alternatively...
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    Best Strategy Videos

    I stumbled across the channel Fuzzy Yellow Balls and thought the info there was pretty good.
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    NXT drop weight vs electronic with prestretch

    An update! I pulled the trigger and picked up an X-2 and I spoke with my (former) stringer once more. They said they do a 10% machine prestretch. I will probably grab a few sets of NXT soon and give it a go! I'll set my X-2 at 50 lbs and see if that gets me close to the feel of 45 lbs off...
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    Head Velocity

    You guys in this thread convinced me to try Velocity in my new to me BLX Six.One 95 16x18. It was previously strung with NXT 16 which is basically the only string I've ever used in any racket. In this racket, the NXT was an absolute rocket launcher and I felt it was uncontrollable. I had a...
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    Can cross training shoes work for a casual player?

    You could also try emiling New Balance customer service and asking them if I wear X shoe, then which tennis shoe Y they make is closest.
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    Can cross training shoes work for a casual player?

    You're in luck, as New Balance also makes tennis shoes.
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    The first step is admitting I have a problem...

    Are you dropping your left hand off the racket too soon? Is your take back too big? These two small things make my backhand volley inconsistent.
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    RDC machine but what about a RA machine?

    A dial indicator would be a useful tool for measuring deflection.
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    RDC machine but what about a RA machine?

    If I remember right, the RDC just basically bends the frame, so I guess what you'd need to know is how much force is being applied and how the amount of deflection translates into the RA number we all understand.