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    55 year old 4.0 teaching pro??

    I know someone who started teaching in his late 50s. He called himself a 4.5 player but honestly he wouldn't even be a benchwarmer on some of the better 4.0 teams. But nonetheless he decided he was going to coach and went out and got some type of certificate. He is teaching mostly older 3.5-4.0...
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    2.5 and 4.0 Men's 18+ Nationals Prediction

    The only problem I have with a 2.5 nationals is that a lot of people can legitimately go from 2.5 to 3.5 in one year pretty easily.
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    How many sandbaggers do we really have?

    I guess if you know these guys well, you should be able to tell by their scores against various opponents if they are throwing match on purpose, because that is really the only ethical question here, not arguing about what is their "true" rating.
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    Do people really want USTA national champion that much?

    In my experience this can happen at 3.0 and 3.5 much more so than at 4.0/4.5. People can maintain their rating and significantly improve when you are lower level. This is much less likely to happen at 4.0 and even less so at 4.5 where it is much harder to simply work on your game and become a...
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    Check out the rosters for the 5.5/Open Nationals in Vegas !

    But how did they get these guys to show up? They must be getting something- money, a free room and travel expenses, or why bother? Just noticed one of the captains of the NorCal teM is a 4.5, is he going to actually play?:)
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    So, the AO mixed doubles, then

    Not really sure how they do mixed points at the pro level since there are so few tournaments with mixed.
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    So, the AO mixed doubles, then

    Looking up their bios, the mixed doubles winners were both basically low level pros. The woman had a high ranking of 169 in the world in doubles and the guy won 7 futures doubles titles.
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    Just played the most upside down match so far

    It is a rite of passage to get to 4.0 to be able to beat players like this. It sounds like you already know what you have to do.
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    Whats the reasoning behind usta league prices

    People keep throwing out this $5/week figure as if that is the actual cost per match for playing a season of USTA. If my fees were $40, this would be my actual cost per match to play based on a recent season. $40 fee league $75 home court fee $12 for balls $60 gas This totaled and...
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    Bigger factor- Tennis Age vs Actual Age (at the rec level)

    You really think that the number of guys playing tennis in their 20 and 30s has anything to do with old guys complaining? Sheesh. In this country people play other sports growing up and then take up tennis when they get older because the only sport you see old guys playing are golf and tennis...
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    Do you need to game the system to qualify for nationals?

    Of course recruiting is part of the system. Someone who is gaming the system is taking players that are technically legal to take but pushing the boundaries of the rules. For example would you have any problems with any of the following recruiting scenarios: 1. Taking a player that lives 2...
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    Whats the reasoning behind usta league prices

    It is all relative. If you were use to paying $25 for 13-15 weeks and a sudden change in price to $40 for 8 weeks might not seem like such a great deal especially if there are viable alternatives that cost less. OTOH, if you were paying thousands a year for a private club because there was no...
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    Do you need to game the system to qualify for nationals?

    You asked whether or not you were gaming the system, not whether it is right or wrong. That is up for you decide. Some people might consider unsporting others may say it is fine because it is what you need to do to win or others are doing it so why shouldn't we? You have your own moral compass.
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    Do you need to game the system to qualify for nationals?

    I am not sure how you can make meaningful generalizations based on your personal example of not sandbagging. How do you define gaming the system? I would define it as manipulating rules and procedures meant to protect the system in order to get a desired outcome. To me everything you write...
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    Whats the reasoning behind usta league prices

    Sure if that is all you had to pay. But the reality you also have to cover court fees for your home courts, balls, possibly refreshments in some locales and gas costs. Some away matches can be an hour or more away. Also on the vast majority of teams you don't get to play every week. On a team...