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    Tecnifibre T Fight 335 - $85

    email sent
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    Reebok DMX Replacement?

    thanks guys -- fingers crossed!
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    Pro Poly Plasma or Pro Poly Megaforce?

    Gooooooooooochhie! If you have problems with your elbow I would start off with a hybrid. PPP is supposed to be one of the softest poly's but it is the one that gave me the most arm problems. Good luck -
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    Any1 tried the Pro Supex Synthetic Gut Spiral Flex?

    i traded for some of feels very controlled and crisp IMO, more so than PSGD. I strung it at pretty high tension in an old PK 90. despite being sinfully ugly, it's a good alternative to the mainstream syn guts.
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    Reebok DMX Replacement?

    Anybody have comments/feedback in dealing with Reebok for the DMX replacement (6 month warranty)? I sent a pair back 2+ weeks and haven't received any communication they call/email/just send? How they give you credit or just replace the shoes? Any info is appreciated --
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    Anyone preemptively put Shoe-Goo on??

    tried it - didn't think it was that useful...may try coating a wear spot with shoe goo and then coating that with super glue?? otherwise i am back to buying several pairs of cheap shoes. it doesn't seem that the higher end shoes are lasting any longer than the $40-$80 shoes. but...maybe if...
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    Most Cushioned Shoes???

    i bought the Reebox Triple Break Pump (DMX) and they were almost too cushiony (sp) for me. that said, they are in for warranty replacement right now as i burned throught the toe in about 3 months, playing 1-2 times per week indoor.
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    Any new users of the eagnas starting clamp?

    i bought one a year ago when i purchased the EAG-300 machine. both have been fine. i realize Eagnas/Maxline get a lot of bad press, but there is not much that can go wrong with a starting clamp. they are probably all manufactured in the same factory...
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    what kind of dampener and overgrip u guys use

    currently trying the Technifibre dampener (and liking it) with the Wilson Pro Overgrip --
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    How Many Raquets Do You Have?

    2x K95 1 PS85 (Taiwan) 1 LM Rad OS 1 Prince CTS Precision 2x Rossignol (Mats Wilander) 1 ProKennex Pro Comp several old Prince aluminums, a Calpro that i picked up at a tag sale, and daughter's sponge bob racquet
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    4.5 level or shoot low 80's consistently-Whats more difficult?

    i agree with the other much harder to get better at was down to about an 8 index in golf, but now i am a 12. with a little bit of practice and good course management most people can get to the low/mid 80's pretty easily. getting to a solid 4.5 is going to take more than that!
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    Crank machines

    most cranks come calibrated too - they really are not that complicated...the only thing that is different from a DW is the crank, which operates off of the spring. the more you crank, the more tension is put on the spring (and into the string). mounting and everything else is identical to a DW.
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    Crank machines

    cheers -- i think pro's pro is eagnas...which is the crank i have - my point is that every machine is different, so one 60lb stringbed may feel slightly different from another 60lb stringbed. you set a knob on the crank for the tenision you want (lbs or kilos) and you pull the string to...
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    Whats your current *addiction*?

    the wii...
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    Crank machines

    1012007 - as the poster said, it's all about consistency. if you know that you or a client are used to getting a racquet strung on a constant pull machine and they ask for 57 it is going to mean a tight 57. it may take a pound or two adjustment to make it feel the "same" at first, but after...