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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Hi Holics, I just picked up two of these Q+5X NOS. Are these the 2017 or 2019 version? Does anyone know how this version compares the the Top Banana and the 7G? I will probably get to compare to the 7G in a few days.
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    Looking for help - junior tennis raquet 26"

    Same here. Daughter just turned 10 and transitioning her from Blade 25 to Blade 26. Question for the forum: Would strokes mechanics be better with Blade 21 mm beam width over Gravity/Ezone 24 mm beam width? I think I see her get better racket head speed with 21 mm width versus more...
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    Pro Kennex 7G, ~25 years experience

    I would opine that the PK 16 x 20 is on the tighter side. However the tension playability range is very wide: Example SynGut from 65 pounds all the way down to 35 pounds. I would guess gut/poly in higher 40s/mid 40s would be ok.
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    sunglasses - what to reccomend. under $150.00

    Is lite green a good tint for tennis? I like the Maui Jim's HT (high transmission) lite green - maybe it has a similar effect to Bolle Competivision. Great advice. I always feel pressured by the up-sell to go with polycarbonate and polarized. I have to argue with the sales that those options...
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    AI auto-trimming non-playing time from videos

    So you execute the Python file with the video file as a parameter input?
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    AI auto-trimming non-playing time from videos

    Interested. What do these Python files do to get you the purpose filtering out non-hitting footage?
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    ProKennex Appreciation Thread

    I found an archive of the Kinetic technology that I had previously read in the 90s. Here is an NYT article from 1995: " ProKennex is planning to produce more powerful Kinetics with...
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    ProKennex Appreciation Thread

    As an early adopter of the Kinetic technology back in the 90s, I can also confirm that this is what Pro Kennex stated and marketed. From faint memory of back then, Kennex had the 5G first, followed by the 7G maybe a year later. Then 10G and 15G a couple years after. The 20G and 30G came much...
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    Heaviest Racket you ever tried

    Dunlop Max 200G ~12.6 oz Spalding Pro Stock 200 ~12.7 oz Pro Kennex Ki5 PSE ~ 12.8 oz Their swing weights felt like they were in the 360 or 370.
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    Low Tension Club under 40lbs

    I definitely get more power. I believe I get even more control since the ball dwells longer on the string for better feel.
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    Low Tension Club under 40lbs

    It depends on the softness of the multi. For TF X1 and Multifeel, it was not mushy. For something like E-Matrix or Alpha Gut 2000, it can be mushy.
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    The balance and swingweight will change. It will become more head heavy balance and less whippy. You can then tail weight to get back the head lite whippiness. But then you already can tail weight your other rackets/PKs to increase they whippiness.
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    Low Tension Club under 40lbs

    I play with TF Multifeel at 35# mains and 30# cross (in Pro Kennex 7G: 11.5oz, 100 sq in, 16x20 pattern). Big sweet spot with nice power. Good control with ball pocketing. Soft string bed for arm comfort.
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    Anybody still using a "Classic" racket (1990s and earlier) as their main racket?

    I had played with all those. Currently playing with the Pro Kennex 7G. Do you remember when the 5G and 7G were introduced?