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    Dream matches you would like to see

    Late 90's Sampras vs Prime Rafa - US Open.
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    The three great two handers.

    I think the rise of the junior tennis movement coicides with he development of two-handers. Many established pros in the 40's and 50's started tennis later in life (Riggs at 11 for example) and were probably better equipped to play the one-hander. Once you started to see 6-7 yr olds (or...
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    Re: Djok vs Nadal - The Template for Success

    Re: Djokovic has found a winning formula: attack the Nadal BH crosscourt. Does any other player have the game to match their backhand with Nadal's forehand? Djoko's goat backhand seems to make this possible, but are there others who could employ this strategy? Djoko brings great movement to...
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    estusa jimmy connors pro tour os

    Nobody? Maybe I should ask to move this thread to classic racquets?
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    estusa jimmy connors pro tour os

    Anyone play this old stick? My wife just found a couple at a pawn shop for $20. 'Optic' yellow frame that looks like a head radical os. Anyone have specs? It's 18/20 and feels pretty flexible. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Serena Williams

    I guess if you look at sexism and racism as a spectrum, we're all probably guilty to one degree or another depending on the situation. The feelings and reactions we have toward others on the basis of sex or race are known only to us, and even we may not be overtly aware of our 'blind spots'...
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    Serena Williams

    I think if we go 'by the book' than Ramos is completely in the right. The thing is that umpires, Ramos included, are reluctant to go 'by the book' when men have said much worse. I mean, they can't even assign a point/game penalty for playing too slowly. So two conclusions here: 1) Serena...
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    Tennis is heading into a dark and unforeseen future

    The key word is "relative" - I don't see any 4.5s making the finals of a major in the near or distant future. :)
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    Tennis is heading into a dark and unforeseen future

    If we survived the era of Juan Carlos Ferrero, Carlos Moya, Carlos Costa Gaston Gaudio, and, Andy Roddick, then I think we'll be ok. Probably a similar transition era will transpire until the next dominant players emerge. But indeed, we're headed squarely into an era of relative mediocrity.
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    "Counting out Nadal"

    Nadal has the best volley of the 'big 4' - he is also the craftiest and smartest of the 4 IMHO - I used to think Murray was the most clever, but he seems to have gone away from the variety to a more straight-forward power-based style. The problem for Nadal is that if he decides to adapt his...
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    Djokovic playing possum

    IMHO - The trend among today's top players to employ a certain type of gamesmanship closely resembles the narrative that soccer follows, and has really always followed - one that is culturally accepted by many as simply part of doing business as a competitor. Taking dives, faking injury...
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    Steel building for 2 tennis courts - recommendations?

    I'm looking into a steel building to house 2 USTA compliant tennis courts - I believe I'm looking at a 120' x 120' - no insulation, some skylights, and a couple of doors. Anyone have their finger on the market for such a building, either new or used in terms of price? I'm in a cold windy...
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    McEnroe on Federer and Stan ''Something went on in the locker room last night''

    Pretty lame that Mac feels like he needs to stir the pot like that.
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    Is Vika looking desperate in her aggressive pursuit of La Monf?

    Easily the most uncomfortable moment of the open era...that voice......Holy Jesus...
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    Wilson 6.1 95S

    Hi folks - I've followed a few threads on this racquet, as well as the other "S" series frames. Do you think the string pattern has less to do with an improvement in spin than the reduced weight and thus higher swingspeeds for most folks compared to the beefier standard 6.1 95? I'm at a loss...