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    TW Playtesters AMA - Ask Us Anything tomorrow (Wednesday April 29th)!

    What produces more spin? All poly or gut/poly?
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    Pro Staff 97 Revelation

    I have a two hander and my son has a one hander. It works equal both ways.
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    Pro Staff 97 Revelation

    The cv or countervail version is more muted in feel. For some people who have arm issues they believe it dampens the shock more thus making playing with the racket easier on their arm. My son and I like the more lively crisp feel of the non countervail version. My son had some older pro Staff 97...
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    Pro Staff 97 Revelation

    My son loved the RF97. Unfortunately he only lasted one set with it. He hated the PS97cv and loved the PS97. He felt the CV was dead feeling like an old racket.
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    Is the USTA system hurting American tennis?

    Maybe that is what we starting to see it in my state. Level 4 tournaments that are weak are being turned into level 5 tournaments the following year. Then many drop away since it is hard to make money doing a level 5.
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    Is the USTA system hurting American tennis?

    Is the system created by the USTA hurting American tennis? The USTA has a system in place with too many tournaments. The USTA recommends playing multiple sports and not focusing on just tennis at an early age even though their own system encourages it. The problem is that players have to play...
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    Deiton Baughman - upcoming US junior?

    That is sad news. It is so difficult to make it.
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    Solinco Strings

    Diadem and solstice? Any reviews? Never heard of them.
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    Any pros switch from OHBH to 2HBH during pro career?

    The OHBH gives players variety. Most of them have a better slice and a better backhand volley. The downside is that it does not do well as well on high balls. Also, it is probably not the best choice for short people. The two hander is probably a better choice for most players. There are some...
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    Osaka specs

    That is fast!
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    Osaka specs

    Wilson NXT. Gut lasts two weeks.
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    Osaka specs

    I find poly/gut to be cheaper. The guy last so much longer. Multi only lasts 2 days or so.
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    Rafa a lock to pass Federer in consecutive weeks in the top-10

    Nadal has a tremendous game and intensity. Unfortunately those are the same qualities that promote injuries. He is lucky he has not had a career ending injury. Most likely he has prevented this with being in tremendous shape. Nadal’s games style allows him to peak above Federer at certain times...
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    Nike is slipping...

    I cannot wear Nike shirts to work anymore because people “label” you. I do not want to be on either side at work.