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    Djokovic is the only one, who can save men's tennis

    I am no Federer groupie but what I do know is that he is respected and admired far more amongst the tennis community than either Nadal or Djokovic. There are many reasons for this but, for me, the key reason is that he plays to win, even though it has sometimes gone against him when playing...
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    What would be Nadal's slam count in a universe without Djokovic?

    No marriage. No children. No true commitments, except to the game Of course there's no doubt he'll get the record. Awesome player but, based on all the above, not the GOAT.
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    What the defeat of Serena and Fed have taught the field this fortnight

    Sorry but it's not just a question of self belief its a question of Serena and Roger starting to feel their age Also, would be interesting to see how Rafa and Novak got on if they both had 4 kids of their own and played at the same pace( within the rules) as Federer has done over the years.
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    Returner talking during my serve

    This gentleman has obviously no concept of basic tennis court etiquette. Whether it's social or competitive he shouldn't be having a conversation during your service motion. Sounds a bit of a plonker if you ask me