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    Chris Evert(and the WTA) almost boycotted the '75 USO due to green clay

    Having watched the 1980 QF at Wimbledon it was pretty boring as there were no rallies between Martina and Billie Jean.
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    Evert - Pretty Darn Good On Grass

    It was a brown hardcourt not clay.
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    world number 2 Halep said she won't play US Open

    Serena better win if the field is weakened then. This would even the score a bit versus Court's 11 Aussie Opens against less than full fields. The French should proceed as well. Serena could win both break the record and get back to having a second child if that is their plan.
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    Evert - underrated power?

    In her 1982(?) biography she wrote that her father said most points are lost and not won. I think I remember reading that there if not I apologize its been decades. This would explain why she did not just go all out for the point from stroke one. This enabled her opponent to miss first. Wade...
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    Dan Evans: Djokovic concerns over US Open restrictions only valid for top players

    What a pampered group of jerks. Did Rod Laver have an entourage? Get over yourselves and get back to work.
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    Evert - underrated power?

    Richards has experience playing both mens and womens tennis and knowing hard hitting.
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    Evert - underrated power?

    Renee Richards played against Evert and coached against her. Dr. Richards was quoted in the rivalry bio that Chris did not play patty cake and she hit bombs. That's an expert opinion on the subject if there is one.
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    What made Borg more popular than Lendl (and Sampras)?

    and the death of serve and volley even at Wimbledon.
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    Super Tall Servers Are Ruining Tennis

    How about only one ace per game and then u must hit second serves. Must be a real ace and not allow a cheater to allow the first ball by him and then face second serves the rest of game. Return to Jack Kramer rackets. Oh the joy of actual a variety of tennis again.
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    Worst match you've ever seen

    Helena Sukova d. Lori McNeill in Princeton 6-0, 6-3. Lori won 6 points in the first set. Even if I had played Helena I would have won 0 points but I was not a professional athlete.
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    Why does everybody love Del Potro?

    yes secular leftist regimes are so rationale and citizen friendly at all times. No acts of dictatorship exist in secularism. All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.
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    Who will win more slams?...Osaka or Andreescu?

    Andreescu is a better player from what I have seen but she is injured ALL THE TIME. I say Osaka.